Day 575: Standing in the Way

Hurdles, Obstacles and curbs that’s small, they say never mind the small things, but that’s when you fall, but through it all we soon realize that we’re the obstacles that we face, to investigating why and how did I create our day.

Heaven is a place for the humble and meek, but standing in the way is death and defeat, where you have to pass through the eye of the needle to be complete, and defeat the feeling of thinking you need sleep.

Blame is a game we play with ourselves, by putting our mistakes and downfalls on everybody else, it’s their fault that I fail, you did this to me, you told me what I wanted to hear, you made me believe, you planted the seed in my mind and I fed off of its fruit, of knowledge and information, instead of investigating the truth.

What’s the use if I can’t get passed stage one of my process, I mean it seems that no one is helping me out of this mess, although I created it on my own with no room to progress, what’s standing in my way from passing this test? Is it the point of me thinking I’m better than the rest, that everybody will judge me and could careless, I have too many thought/feeling/emotions running from my head to my chest, then down to my solar plexus and back to my breast, sometimes I feel as if I’m having a cardiac arrest, where all I can do is just breathe at best!

I must confess that what’s standing in my way half the time I can’t see, and the other half I turn a blind eye and then the other cheek, is this all because of the desire in me, or is it just the way I think life is supposed to be, where I desire to stay the same, so when the truth comes I blame, but something got to give, I’m tired of being lame, I’m tired of tripping up over the same old thing, thinking the same old thoughts and talking the same old slang, I wish that I can go in and rearrange my brain, I wonder if anyone out there feels exactly the same, or is it just me who should be ashamed, of being suck thinking out loud in the same old mind frame.

What’s standing in our way is but a thought and Air, and as you take your next breath let me be clear, do you really want to know what’s standing in our way…, then go to the mirror and look at that face, do you see anyone else there that has taken your place? So why blame someone or something else for the mess we’ve made, or better yet will those we’ve compromised ourselves for be there with us in our last days (I Think Not), so why do WE feel the need to keep Standing in Our Ways.

It amazes me how we’d rather hide in the shape, instead of shining the light on the things we’ve caged within ourselves that we don’t want to see, that we would rather abdicate our self-responsibility towards, what’s standing in our way we really can’t ignore, because if we try to , it will seep out of our pours, as the Ego takes its revenge we sit there and cringe, feeling a bit uncomfortable inside our own skin, so why not stand Equal to and One with Self and stop Standing in Your Ways, I guarantee you once you start walking process you’ll experience a change.


Thanks for reading.


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