Day 570: Not Considering the Whole Pt. 2

Another thing that came up, is how can we possibly consider the whole when we’re not whole ourselves, but looking for things outside of ourselves to complete us, through relationships and so on, thing is we have to piece ourselves back together first, in order to experience the whole of ourselves, I mean believe or not we know when and that there’s something wrong with us, and by saying to ourselves; “What’s wrong with me” is a good indication that there is, but when someone comes to tell us what it is, instead of accepting what’s being show to us, we don’t consider it, because we don’t consider the whole as who we are, telling ourselves what’s wrong with me.

We rarely take sound advice from others, let alone advice at all, unless it has to do with how to make money or suits our self-interest, it’s interesting how we pick and choose to follow those we consider being on the right track in life, from their common successes and the things they have, instead of those who live as actual practical examples of that which is best for all life in all way, those who without a shadow of doubt, consider the whole in every possible way, they come far and few in-between.

Question is, if we knew who we really are, would we have to consider the whole, or would it be or first nature to nurture, every being/life form in existence equally and the same, being that we were considered to experience ourselves Here on earth in the first place, but what we’ve done in this experience is to excommunicate ourselves from ourselves through spite and now that the separation is so extensive, we don’t consider how we’ve gotten ourselves to this point of not considering the whole, although we did it to ourselves, but can’t remember.

They say fear is within everything and the point of fear I see here is partly the fear of not wanting to admit one’s own placement of one’s position in this/the world today, I mean we think it’s easier to only consider ourselves, but what is there to consider, when it’s not realized that ourselves is everyone else as well, I mean you can’t force a person to be a certain way period, and if the fear of change exist within and as us, then I’m fearing that if I consider you, you won’t consider me back, so why change, if my mind is telling me it’s not for the betterment of my self-interest,

Showing that, if we’re easily swayed by our feelings and emotion, other are not in the equation, unless to blame them for the way we feel, claiming why you don’t care for me, when we really care less about them, other than the interest we possess from what they have to offer and/or can do for us, and if nothing, this is where Tit for Tat comes in to play, where only if you consider me, then I’ll consider you, other than that why bother, as the perpetuation of this Spiteful behavior continues, to the ultimate Devolution of humanity.

Even more than just taking things into consideration is need, after considering all, into doing that which is best for all, because an action-less consideration is just the saying, “I thought about you” and that’s it; But placing Self as all into the equation is not only a consideration but a step in the right direction of Self-Correction and change, being that I would now be seeing and considering the whole as me.

But first is to correct the lack of consideration one existed as within oneself, through writing, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective application, to get to the point of standing equal to and one with who self is as the whole, then living one’s commitment to not only consider oneself, but to consider the whole as one would consider oneself in everything we do.

To be continued…


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2 Responses to Day 570: Not Considering the Whole Pt. 2

  1. Boa tarde. Como vai ?. Obrigado por disponibilizar este conteúdo.
    Ele é incrível. Sempre acompanho seu site, mas nunca deixei um comentário.
    Irei compartilhar no meu twitter.
    Até mais

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