Day 569: Not Considering the Whole

I’m sure there have been times in most of our lives where we have saw something, witness something and said to ourselves, ‘Man I’m glad that wasn’t me, without considering the person the thing happened to, and/or maybe something went wrong with something and you thought that it was something wrong with you, but moments later find out that it wasn’t, then give yourself a sigh of relief that it wasn’t, not considering the momentary affects it may have on others, which is what happened in my case, that’s not cool at all, I mean there is in fact something wrong with us if we feel a moment of selfishness, to not consider the whole in every way possible.

Thing is, we’ve become so ingrained to Me, myself and I, that the I as all as one has become almost non-existent, outside of our close friends and family members. I remember a time growing up when I hated to see something happen to someone/anyone for that matter, I mean there would be this sick feeling coming up within my stomach area, where I would just want to make things better for the person, no matter who it was and/or stop the abuse, if that was the case, but at that age, obviously, I lacked the know-how, but I did grow up to hate bullies, which was interesting in itself.

Fear is a motha-Fucka in the sense that we’re so scared of things happen to us, that when we see things happening to someone else, we turn our back on them, as in turning a blind eye in a sense, and swell up the other one, trying not to look, because we don’t want what we see happening to them to happen to us, when in some cases all it takes is a third party to step in and stop the shit. And of-course in some cases not. We fear being shunned by our peer, so we would only consider ourselves and gossip about everyone else, if that’s what it takes to solidify our place/position in somewhere, with the IN crowd at work or church, wherever there’s a hierarchy involved in such a company/association/organization and/or even group of friends, No consideration for the whole, because of this fear.

And Just because someone as wronged you, doesn’t gives you the right to do it unto another, as in spreading the hate and discontent around, because in actuality, that’s how we manifest these wrong doing unto ourselves in the first place, without considering the effect of what we may do, have on others.

Believe it or not everybody is watching everybody, so whatever you do, people pick up on it and for most part it sticks with them, they think about it and if action, consider doing what they saw you do, so even when we think no one is watching, would probably be the best time to consider all, I mean how many times have you done a ‘good gesture’ when you thought no one was around, but then a bit later someone came up to you and said; “Hey I like what you did back there”, that was a shock to you and a realization at the same time, realizing (when considering all) the affect your actions may have on others.

But most if not the most important, when considering all, takes self-honesty, when you’re completely alone, no one around and the thoughts that goes through our minds that only protects our self-interest, where for example, let’s say we receive some News and there’s no reflection of others, that’s also connected to this News, but only ourselves, then exonerate ourselves from this News, with no consideration of others, leaving them to their own vices/feeling, in saying to oneself, whatever their going through because of this News, so be it, there’s no genuine expression of care coming from us, we only care for ourselves, not realizing that in the end we will have to face ourselves for all the times we choose not to consider the whole in everything we do, showing that we can’t be trusted with life, because we haven’t, in every way possible, considered all life equally as we would ourselves.

To be continued.


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