Day 564: Weathering the Storm

It’s pretty fascinating how back in the American Indians ‘Hay Days’ some of the elders would be able to look up at the sky and say, a storm is come and people would see this as some form of Mystical/Magical power they possessed, when all they were doing was looking off in the distance at the cloud formation, which there was nothing wrong with this, because I’m sure it saved plenty of lives, by having a forecast before the storm arrived. I mean they were able to bunker down and/or get to higher ground, if they’re settlement was just below the Prairie Plain, down in the Valley out in the open, being able to save most if not all their Perishable, from being squandered away by the storm if the Valley Flooded. I’m sure after a few raining seasons, there was a formulated calm amongst the villager, being that they knew exactly what to do when given the forecast that a storm is coming, enabling them to Weather the Storm.

Back then there was more of a sense of respect for things/life as they knew it, so whenever the storm would come, to them it was for a reason, a purpose which was widely understood to whatever purpose they saw fit, that they defined as the reason for this type of weather, and respected it, making it a general understanding without any emotional/feeling attachments.

Lol, Nowadays we know week and maybe even months before it happens, and still become angry, because it was forecasted to rain on our scheduled/planned event day, in validating the statement ‘RAIN ON YOUR PARADE’, because as we were PARROTING ourselves around, mimicking the mind, in every situation throughout our day, we didn’t realize the storm that was brewing within and as us, that was accumulating a mixture of hot and cold clouds of emotions and feeling with anger/frustration, happiness and sadness attachments to them, sabotaging our chance to ever reach the higher grounds of change, in being able to remain calm and stable, to weather the storm, but through our lollygagging around in our minds we’ve made this storm worst and got swept away by it, into losing our perishables/our life as who we really are, and now find ourselves in an empty Desert of Misery, Anguish and Pain, because we’ve chose to blame something or someone else for the games we’ve played with ourselves.

Things will happen in our lives, meaning storms will come, in the form of things not working correctly, where we already know and tell ourselves ‘It’s just one of those days” as the unspoken acceptance in thinking that we’re powerless to do anything about it, and when we tell someone; I’m just having one of those days” they immediately agree with us by saying; “Yeah I know what you mean”, because they too fail to investigate the cause/reason behind the storm we’re now facing, and as soon as we feel the first little drops of rain, as things happens, we react and attach emotion and feelings to it, as the fuel to the fire (So to speak), making it into a more worse storm than the rain shower that could have possibly passed over was.

Being able to weather the storms that comes up in our lives as the situations we face, takes understanding one’s responsibility in the matter, meaning what part we’ve played in making this happen to us, what is this situation showing me about myself that I haven’t faced as a point or looked at within myself, then by using the tools of Writing and Self-Forgiveness I’m able to stop any reactions from coming up, remain calm and stable and Weather the Storm.

Thanks for reading.


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