Day 562: More on Attachments

Have a Look Back – Attachments Day: 185

(A quote from what I see) “My phone is like an extension to my arm, if I don’t have it ready to interrupt the boringness of being Here and Now, I’ll go crazy, as I need this sort of attachment to grade who cares about me, by the number of phone calls I get, which determines my status within the group of friends I have”. To keep the space between my ears from becoming overwhelmed, I overwhelm myself, with the scroll of purpose through my phone, spacing out when and when not to respond to messages and comments I receive from other people in my world in the order of importance, being that if I respond to all at once, I wouldn’t have anything to do in the next moment, which will drive crazy, because I hate facing the thoughts that comes up in my mind while sitting still”. I’m so glad that people is just like me, all zombie out looking down on the world through our phone, instead of interacting within it, because, whenever I get caught in real world (not looking at my phone), there’s someone there to re-Mind by looking at their phone, so I then snap out of it, and back into the scroll of purpose, with no purpose, going from App to App, from my email to Gods living room (Facebook), to looking at my Pictures and text messaging my friend, claiming that I’m bored, to no resolve, as the # 1 attachment we have in this day and age.

The way you make me feel is like none other that I ever experienced before with someone, you complete me, you’re my better half, and things of that nature, when becoming attached to someone or something, in a relationship/friendship/partnership of sorts, that causes us to detach ourselves away from standing equal to and one with who self is Here, who we are in essence, relinquishing our position to an energetic feeling we derive from that significate other or things.

Things being, material possession, Boats/Cars/Houses/Clothes etc., that we define as who we are with them, because without these attachment, we believe ourselves to be nothing, as if the end of the world is Immanent, meaning will happen the moment we lose everything, so thing is to hold onto it tight as if you’ll lose your life, which in hindsight seems pretty asinine, as nine times out of ten you’ll find yourself still here, just without those things we’ve attached ourselves to.

We as humanity searched for the easy way out, so we created Microwaves, we as humanity searched for the easy way out so we created Morse code, we as humanity searched for the easy way out so we created computers to do the jobs for us, that makes life simpler, easier so we don’t have to move around as much, I mean let the machines do it for us, so we can become attached to being lazy, but if the machines were to shut down, would we as well, being that we’re already half way there, by letting our attachments do just about everything for us, I mean we’ve become so used to our attachments that we overlook the chance for meaningful interaction with another human being, in person, but if we met online, it’s possible we’ll become best friends, in which case we’ve trained our attachments to speak for us in such a way of relaying messages, shit even talking on the phone has dwindled down. I mean how many time have you heard a Voicemail stating “For a faster response send a text message”, you would think a person is too busy with their attachments to even talk to you, and again, we’d rather look down on the world instead of participate in it.

We’re too busy up in the cloud, that clouds our judgment, from being able to focus on our responsibilities, which is us, right in front of our faces as life in itself, we abdicate that to how many like we got, while playing God combing through other people’s lives in a discriminatory way, where it’s a crime how we promote conflict instead of fixing ourselves, from being fixated on/to our attachments.

But don’t get me wrong, there is such a thing as a healthy interactive relationship with the things we have, and all will claim that’s it, that I don’t overdo it, but if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night checking your phone to see what messages you have = that’s a problem. Some years ago, I found myself doing that, and this was even before iPhone’s, so you can imagine what’s taking place now, i.e. A friend of mine told me (During the initial Pokemon Go crazy) that his kids asked if they could go to the park down the street at 3-4 0clock in the morning, whose ages are like 7 and 9, so he took them and was amazed to find about 300 kids roaming around with their parents looking for characters, very interesting.

Goes to show the level of our attachment to things these day, where with kids, you used to get bombarded with cool conversations and questions, now you get nothing but an attitude if you interrupt them, which can be kind of “scary” to some, when looking at the future of our world, where attachments have become so prevalent, that the acceptance of a Human Robot could be inevitable.

To be continued.


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