Day 560: What I think you Need

Have you ever had the experience of someone thinking they know what’s best for you/what you need, where commonly speaking, people would say things like, I know exactly what you need, “You need a vacation” after being told about a moment at work, or “You look tired, you need some rest”, because your eyes are naturally red, or “Girl you need a Spa day”, because they don’t want to go alone, or (The Big One) “You need a girlfriend” or “A Man”, because they always see you alone, where if it’s in relations to friends, that’s where setups and blind date begin or “You need to eat”, because you’re not up to what society deems as the correct weigh for your size (how tall you are), but you’re perfectly healthy, which in some cases this may be so, but who’s to say what you need, if the needs you’re told you need haven’t been experienced as a solution or needed by the teller?

As an observer, it’s fairly easy to hear and or look at someone life situation and give them your outside assumptions, and in 99% of all friendship this is done on a superficial level, where the friend really doesn’t care what you need, but tell you anyway because they know in some cases, that’s what you want to hear (in relations to only the good needs), because when it’s their turn, they expect for you to be Positive as well. But you also have the reverse of that, where a person will give you their perceived solution and haven’t done it themselves.

In childhood I was always told what I needed to do and in most cases it was right, but growing up into adulthood, that’s where things can get a bit twisted, being that everyone you meet have their own opinion and view on life, and how they think life should be and go for you, which oddly enough comes from what we’ve learned and picked up growing up, where things only happen the way I see it, with no consideration to how the other person was raised and what they believe in, so when telling someone what they should do, is not really looking at the whole situation in a way that’s best for them, but instead how we’ve placed ourselves in as the, “if that was me” point, which in a lot of cases, blinds the person, from seeing what they really need to do.

Then you have knowing that you need to do something, but don’t want to heed the message of someone telling you, which is kind of tricky because if you say you love someone and see them going down a destructive path, do you then tell them what you think they need to do, or is the love you speak on that of accepting and allowing them their free choice to do as they please, as you watch them slide down the slippery slope of delusion into a continuous groundhogs day of failures, mistakes and fuckups, without saying a damn thing, because (get this) you love them so much?

I mean where do one draw the line when it comes to a close friend or family member that’s been the same way as long as you’ve known them, where no one wants to hear anything new, but always knew in their heart of heart, that what they knew wasn’t the truth, but willing to take it to the grave as such, because they/we can’t believe we let ourselves be duped by the blinding knowledge and information we’ve grown up to know and believed to be real, while claiming we had free choice to question the message we received but didn’t do it, because we got scared off, and/or it suited our self-interest in the meantime.

If you have it within your ability to share what you know/come to realize as the innate truth of things and don’t do it, will I then face the consequences for not doing all I can to get the message out to the ones I love and all life in general, because I chose to sit back and condone the next person’s self-destructive way of thinking, in order to validate my own. And do you think it’s worth the risk of possibly losing this person in your life, because I’ve already loss so many from being overzealous way back in the beginning of my process?

Why is it that no one wants to accept what’s needed, unless what’s needed suit’s their interest, i.e. put money in their pockets and food on their table, with no recollection that what’s needed will do that for all equally, but what’s funny is that most of us that have little to nothing are more Adamant about saving our scraps than the elite are about losing their money (If change was to take place), therefore nothing ever changes, because we’re too brainwashed with the comfortability of our placement and entertainment, that we praise God for allowing us to have what the Earth gives freely for all, that we pay for, but should own equally. (Parts of Ourselves) Lol do you think if the aliens came they would only fight to bargain with the elite for water rights or will we then become Equal and One with each other and stand for what’s best for all, what’s all of ours collectively, Man/Women/Child/Insect/Animal and Being alike, every life form that exist on this planet, all standing up against this alien invasion? Well what would do if someone told you that an alien invasion already too place, that don’t have anything to do with little green men, grey beings or UFO’s? Would you like to know more? Investigate

Thanks for reading.


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