Day 554: The Title Eludes Me (Why Me First)

Just because someone continue to do what you no longer do, doesn’t give you the right to look down on them, shun them or not interact with them, in any social setting, gathering or form of party etc. A lot of times we find ourselves not wanting to associate with people for the most-frail reasons, meaning there’s no substance to the reason we come up with. Because of what you believe, is one of the more profound excuses that exist, like take religion for instance, where, you’ll hear the saying, “Come as you are”, but then when you get there, no one want’s to be seen talking to you, that is until someone in the higher echelon comes and talk to you, then the rest will join in, like the game monkey see, monkey do.

Then you have the saying, they’re not like us, but what is the us to like, if we don’t accept others for who they are, I mean all it takes is to bring it back to self, to when you were fresh out in the world on your own, not knowing a thing or a face you see, where someone then had to accept you for who you were, and allow you in their world, no matter the starting point in which they accepted you, point is they did.

So how is it that we take this to a point of separation, in limiting ourselves, by saying, ‘No New Friend” lol, when at one point in time we had none and sooner or later it will happen again, simply because we’re not realizing the changing-ability of our mind, where in one moment we think someone is cool, then the next, “Vamoose, you’re wack to me”, where the Ego then steps in with the exclamation point, making you believe you’ve made the right choice/decision to not interact with someone, and will to take it to the grave with you (if you will), although realizing you made the wrong choice/decision.

Same thing applies when someone say something and no one want to be first to respond, but soon after a prominent figure does, in whatever friend group, work group, family group or group etc., all the “Well done(s)”, and “Cool’s” comes in, which brings up the age old analogy; “No one what’s to be seen talking to the new guy” Per se, even if it’s to assist them, funny thing is, I’ve always disliked this sort of non-interaction, I mean I would be the first to talk to someone, because of all the times I was left, feeling like what I had to say was not good enough or cool enough, because whenever I would say something (growing up), I was pushed aside, over talked or told to shut up you don’t know nothing, by older folk, which in a way I then lost my voice, meaning my ability to speak up and say what it is I want to say.

Generally speaking, this form of separation still exist, A lot in our society, where (hypothetically speaking) the Indians still hate Cowboys because they got Spurs on their Boots, where the East and Westcoast people still hate each other, because the Sun Rises and Sets on opposite side of the globe, where all Religions still hate each other, because none of them Ever seen God, where we hate each other because we forgot Who we really are, as such meaningless separation, all starting from, I’ve changed, ‘I don’t do this anymore, but you still do, so I can’t deal with any more” = I’m calling Bullshit, because it’s Bull-Shit, where you step in and get stuck in your own ways and can’t get the stench off of you, because what you’re doing is not best for all, which includes you and me.

The title eludes me because there are plenty of things you can call this non-interaction or selective interaction or in action, failing to take responsibility for oneself and fellow man/woman, I mean why is it that ‘What’ we don’t allow ourselves to see within another person presents an assumption of fear within us, where this unspoken fear has us set in our own ways, when everything we know comes from someone else that we grab onto, and recreate it to suit our interest and call it our own, believing we’ve created it ourselves and if others don’t conform to our mistaken creation, we moonwalk away from them, then slide ourselves in to the next failing relationship.

And the funny part is that we soon forget about the way we treated the other person, so when we do see them after some time, we say things like “Hey how are you doing, haven’t seen you in a why’ll”, as if we’re delusional while the person is standing there looking dumbfounded at you, because they remember Everything, as if it was yesterday, and respond out of shock, like do you not remember the way you treated me a year ago, but don’t say that, as your memory start catching up to you, then Boom it hits you and that’s when you start to moonwalk away, not once taking responsibility for the past matter.

And still we’ll read this and think it’s too many word, but the point still remains, a lot of us have been through this throughout our lives and some on both sides of the coin, where we’ve learned to do this towards other from someone doing it to us, although we don’t have to follow suit. and yes, it’s easier said than done.
Thing is, first off this is unacceptable behavior no matter how you put it, knowing that we’re not only the victims here as well, meaning what I had to realize is that, whenever this would be done unto me, instead of reacting to it – I had to go back within my life and see where I have perpetuated this same separatist action towards someone else in my world and reality, then forgive myself for it in it specificity, investigate the moment I took on this pattern, meaning where did this come from, who did I pick this pattern up from, and fascinatingly enough you may find that you got this from a very close friend or family member, where we took after what we’ve seen them do to someone and used it, because in that moment it was accepted as a cool thing to do (but it’s not), then, once again correct yourself through the application of Self-Forgiveness, for taking on this character and find that it’s no longer done towards you.

Although we each have our own unique way of explaining the things we’ve experienced in our lives, none of this would be possible for me if it wasn’t for Desteni and the Tools of Correction they present, in Self-Honesty, Writing, Self-forgiveness and Self-Corrective/Self-Commitment Statement, which can be found HERE, it has changed my life drastically, where I used to Wallow in problems, I now deal in Solution, as I am still walking my process, this is but an excerpt of a point I’ve walked through and the things I still have to investigate correct and change within and as myself. For most part I am Grateful for the opportunity and Enjoy walking my process, although it’s not a walk in the park, lol.

Thanks for reading.


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