Day 550: Erasing Regret

The most interesting thing about regret is how we’ll do things in order for others to regret having done things to us, stating this is why you shouldn’t have done this that or the other to me, and it doesn’t have to be negative in nature, it could be as simple as presenting yourself as something they’re missing out on, in an attempt to get the upper hand in some way or another or get back with them, which rarely works, but if it do, in the long run, you’ll just find yourself back in the same position as before the breakdown and/or miscommunication happened, only for a momentary sense of accomplishment, in which the only thing you really did was accompany your mind right back into the same situation that you were forcefully gifted to get out of.

But in the moment, we’re too effectuated with winning and coming out on top, being that we would like things to be the way they were when the ‘good times’ were rolling, but it’s far beyond that now, where the correction now lies within self to see if you’re still lying to yourself or ready to make a stand, in which case we need to drop the projection of regret, that’s generation this energy build up within and as us and move on to correction and change [Note to Self-].

The words that I see needed to be lived in-stead of regret is acceptance, correction and change, where the acceptance of my participation and placement within the matter is the key to correction, where I then take core-action within myself in getting to the root cause of the way I acted, causing my vindictive personality to perpetuate and add to a conflictive situation, into when and as I see myself…, then living the change.

In realizing that it’s hard times for Self when one wants to get even, eventually stops you from equating yourself equal to and one with the conflict we perpetuate, I mean is it that exciting to cause affliction onto another, not seeing/realizing that we’re afflicting ourselves in the process, turning a blind eye to the regret we’ll experience later in the moment of a mind possession, saying to ourselves that “Ima teach th-EM a lesson”, they’re going to regret doing this to me or leaving me, which in reverse (in this case) is ME-hurt, where every time I think about hurting thEM, someone else, I’m hurting myself, let alone, everytime I think about them/someone else, I’m limiting myself, stopping myself from building with me, getting to know who I really am, without all the self-doubt, self-distrust and self-disempowerment that come with Regret/Regretting.

Who am I as regret is but a regurgitated statement of inferiority we stamp on our forehead everytime we fail to realize what has been, happened, and there’s No going back and changing it, therefore regret is useless and really have no place in the forward progress one is trying to achieve in one’s life, it only traps one in a perpetual cycle of wants/needs/desires which in turn stop one from really getting to know oneself enough to expand/grow/develop into our utmost potential.

And most who say I don’t regret a damn thing is a damn lie, being that the hardness shell we put on only works in front of others, but when we’re all alone, we do think about our actions and the things we’ve done to/towards others and experience some form of regret, even if we’re saying to ourselves, “Man that’s fucked up what I did”, and there you go, I mean being easier said than done, why put ourselves in the situations that we would most likely regret having been in in the first place?

That’s why getting to know yourself is essential to how you experience yourself in your world and reality, get to know what are your strengths and weakness, that’s one thing that I didn’t do at first, but left it to chance thinking that I knew myself and ended up falling into a few situations I regretted being in, only in the end having to go back and really learn who I am, what were my strengths and weaknesses.

Prime example, one of my weaknesses was gullibility, believing that others would do what they said they will do, and so by putting my trust in them, I compromised my financial stability a few times that would set me back from doing the things I had to do, and ended up full of regret both times, so in getting to know myself the point of gullibility (as one of my weaknesses) had to be opened up and corrected, that I’m still facing the consequences for the last time I believed in someone’s word, but realizing my self-placement in the matter and how I had regretted putting myself in this situation, I will no longer accept and allow myself to put myself in a position of regretting something I’ve done, out of the “goodness of my heart” again, I mean that statement in itself screams gullibility, so not only do I have to watch out for putting myself in a position of regret through gullibility, but also the statement that lead me into being gullible in the first place, which is ‘The goodness of my heart”.

So, as I am still walking this point within one of my Mind Construct, I’ll leave it to there, But Investigate Desteni to learn about Regret and More.

Thanks for reading.


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