Day 545: Intimidation

The loud talk, the screaming, the fear, the dirty looks and rumors that we hear, In -Timid- I live my-Day and at nights I have nightmares, I shy away from people that’s bigger than me, looks different than me, that’s a different color than me, I mean they look so angry, but if I wasn’t so timid, I would open my mouth and say something to them, I mean what’s really stopping me from figuring them out? They intimidate me, but why and how, how many Movies hare you watched up until Now, that made me feel this way?

Have you ever notice that one aspect of intimidation only comes up when you really want to interact with someone, or really want to do something that you haven’t before, or have no choice but to do, because of your position placement, were really the only stopping factor is that of being the first time we’ve ever longed to do something/had to do something, that you haven’t done before, and our perception of what the outcome would be, is what fuels the desire for us to do it, (in most cases) but first we have to get through the In-Timid-I live my-Day phase of it, like talking to a Big Black guy lol, or walking through a group of bad ass High school Student, to say the least.

Why do the size of a person play a major factor in whether or not you’ll talk to someone or not, simply because fear exist, but it really doesn’t, only the memory of what you’ve seen/heard and/or was taught to believe exist within you, and because of the dramatic nature of what the memory entails, exists as, you don’t want what was played out in the memory to happen to you, bringing up the Intimidation aspect within it?

You can also hear the word Hate, within the word intimidation, where I really hate being timid, but don’t know how to get over it, in which case breathing is the first thing that will assist you to walk through it, interestingly enough 99% of the time putting ourselves through this intimidation is all for nothing, but how would we know this if we don’t push ourselves to walk through it first, as another easier DONE than said thing or thought about, because once we start thinking about it too much, we’ll slip on the eggshells we’re walking on, right off a cliff and into a life of avoidance, where we start to avoid any and everything our mind tells us that we should be afraid of, which is one of the reasons why War exist, because we become intimidated to the IDEA we’ve created in our mind of something possibly happening to us, by this other group of people we don’t know anything about, so we create/make up these scenario in our minds and feed them to our societies, claiming that our way of life is in jeopardy, as we begin to feel threatened and then be the first to act on our assumptions, enslaving a nation with intimidation, all because we’ve become intimidate by the Idea we’ve created in our mind, and spread through the world, i.e. the war of terror

Then you have being scared into looking intimidating, where at one point in your life you were either bullied and/or got the shit scared right out of you, so in order to avoid this happening in the future, we start Juicing or taking steroids to get bigger, finding subtle way of changing our bodies to look mean/tough/aggressive, intimidating, as a shell on the outside to deter anyone from messing with us, but on the inside, still exist the same fear as before, goes to show, no matter how much you change your appearance, if you have not corrected this fear within and as you, your size/look won’t matter, meaning size/looks is not a correction to fear and intimidation, only a temporary suppression of it, until you come across someone whose bigger and more bad than you, then see the reflection of yourself through the actions of another, intimidating you.

Through words is one of the most prolific ways we intimidate other, stemming from our parents aggressively telling us what to do, but the intimidation only come after we don’t do what it is they want us to do, then get punished for it, so that the next time they say something, we’re intimidated by the picture we see in our head of being punished, that can stay with one throughout a life time, into adulthood, to now when someone says something, we cower afraid that we might be punished if we don’t adhered to what they said, then use it towards our spouse (these words of intimidation), but for most part won’t really follow through with what we said, that if you don’t do this or that, I’ll do this, I mean you should test it out to see what it is that’s limiting your relationship with your partner, and the most saddest thing is when we turn this intimidation back onto our children, knowing that they’re defenseless, we say things like; “I brought you into this world, and I’ll take you out”, all because they rebel against our enslavement tactics.

To be continued…

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