Day 531: Good Deeds Pt. 2

good-deeds-ptIn those moments when no one else is watching as an observer, when there’s nothing in it for you, but a possible story to tell, IF asked perspective on the subject that came up unexpectedly, when things are not all about yourself, as a natural action to care for, help any and every form of life/species/insect/human or animal at any given moment, in distress or not, without hesitation, is when you become the good deeds you do/have done.

Since walking my process ‘good deed’ have become but my response ability, being my ability to respond, whenever I see something anything that need sorting out (per se), such as, seeing a piece of paper in my path and not stepping over it, leaving it for someone else to pick up, but to just pick it up and throw it in the next recycle bin I see, now obviously, tis not to say to go out of your way and start doing it religiously, because that would imply that you’re making a religion out of it, looking for a reward in the end, which we’ve somewhat discussed in the previous post, but if you see a trash bin close to where you’re crossing the paper on the ground, it’s just so simple to do it, and funny because, I’ve see all kinds of people, from all walks of life do it, for what it seems as for nothing, and I’m standing there looking like wow ok cool, I’m not the only on, but I haven’t always been like this.

It was more like when you’re not aware of thing, you for some reason just don’t see it, I mean the opportunity for you to step in and do something, passes you right by and every now and then after the fact, you’ll realize; “Man I could have helped that person”, instead of waiting to see if someone else will do something, before you jump in to add your 2 cent in it, thing is, we have become a bit reluctant to help each other out, if they don’t look, act and definitely dress a certain way, which has be proven in quite a few test cases I’ve seen, some would call this non-exchange, not having a heart, heartless, one that doesn’t care what a person is going through, under no circumstances will they lend a helping hand, I mean you can call it because of embarrassment, or out of fear, for the elite, the fear of being seen helping the peasants, scared that they’ll be excommunicated from there peers, their friends, their family or special groups, but what’s our excuse, being that we are the epitome of hope, ones that live by our good deeds in hope of something greater in the future, always in the future, never right now., why is that?

Our excuse is, I got enough to worry about, I don’t need to take on any extra baggage, so to speak, so when I’m in route going somewhere, don’t expect me to do anything for anyone, because I got too much on my mind. (As if that’s really ok), like someone say “Wait a minute, I’m thinking” or another one; “I need time by myself to think”, but did you ever think to ask questions when someone helped you out in a moment’s notice, without question, something to think about.

Good deeds are really not discussed, being that if they were, they wouldn’t be good deeds, but conversation show off pieces, about what one did to be looked at as a saint, while everything else in the person’s life, was self-centered and selfish, but we want to be defined by that one good deed we’ve done, so we talk about it., and if it goes over well with others, we derive energy from it and only then go out and chase after another good deed encounter, in other words we chase after an energy experience.

I mean I could go on for days about the good deeds I’ve done, which doesn’t make me any better or worse than any other person, as while doing them, what was going through my mind’, was this is how life should be, this is how things should normally be, but the thing is to be careful, because it’s fairly easy to become a bit prideful and cocky afterward, as I have experienced, where the first thought that comes up is,,; “Yeah things are going to go right for me now”, then turn around and watch something else screw up right in my face. A good deed should be without any thought behind it, just in the spare of a moment, that catches you off guard, but you’re ready for it, like the reason I’m writing this post, where;

The other day I was at my favorite Mexican restaurant, after I had eaten and was sitting in my truck, a guy came out and jumped on his motorcycle and proceeded to take off, where when I looked in the mirror, the motorcycle and the guy was on the ground, so without any hesitation I jumped out of my truck and went to the persons aide, the guy was alright and needed help picking up his motorcycle, but a lot of things happened in that short period of time, where by the time it took for me to get there, (which was like two seconds) the guy had gotten up with his back facing me asking for another guys help who didn’t move, by that time I got to him, then another guy who saw the whole thing but only came after he saw me there, which shows a few dimension of what we’ve been discussing in this post, from the neglect, to the person only jumping in after they see someone else take the initiative, to me the front runner, but the most interesting part and where the realization came in was when I got back in my truck and the guy had driven away om his motorcycle already, the first thought that came up within and as me was; “I did my good deed for the day” and that’s when it dawned on me like wow, this is how we really think. So, in the next post, I’ll do some self-forgiveness on the point of Good Deed, in how I have defined my reasons for doing them.

To be continued…

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