Day 530: Good Deeds

good-deedsWhy do we need such things as good deeds, when it should be a natural thing to help one another? The saying goes; “I did my good deed for the day” thinking that karma is going to sort you out in the near future, but when nothing happens, we sit there in a stupor with this sad look on our face, wondering why nothing good ever happens to me. It’s because we’ve reduced ourselves to doing one good deed a day, and the rest of the time, fuck em’, they can fend for themselves. Like the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, same thing applies, but in REVERSE in this case, where just one good deed a day won’t do a damn thing to change how you experience yourself tomorrow, I mean it’s plain and simple, nothing comes from it, you won’t all of a sudden win the lottery or find a suitcase full of money, and for the simple fact that some reading this may be bummed out, because of what I just said, is why humanity has gone to hell in a hand basket real quick, because we’re always expecting something for doing something, it’s like Ok you did what you normally should do for everyone the same, not just the old lady needing to cross the street, so why is what we do for others, defined as good deeds?

They say no good deed goes un-noticed, and in most cases, it true, but when we expect the person noticing it, or some higher force or being to reward us for the ‘good deed’ we’ve done, is when it all goes south, because now we’re taking from our right hand to feed our left hand so to speak by making others pay for the good deed you’ve done, turning the deed into a job, like a good deed for hire type thing lol.

You can say that we’ve taken on this pattern of always expecting something from someone for doing a good deed from childhood, where for me growing up, whenever I did certain things that I was told to do, I was rewarded and I’m sure for most out there, it was the same, which then carried on into only helping another out if there was something in it for me, I mean check yourself, how many times have you been somewhere and a friend asked you to give them a ride and you replied; “You got gas money” or someone ask you to help them move a few things and you told them,; “I’m busy right now”, or “I got something to do”, but as soon as they say, I’ll pay you or give you some money, your schedule just became open? Weird isn’t it, when the table is turned and the same happen to you.

Then you have those that would rush to lend a helping hand, always saying; ”yeah sure”, “sure yeah”, “No problem, let’s do it” and “I’ll help you”, and on the surface, for face basis, their response/excuse, when asked why are you helping me is; “Because I would want someone to help me if I was in the same position”, which may be true, but within them saying that, is always a hidden starting point and/or expectation of, just because I helped someone else, when I need help, someone else IS going to be there to help me to, and whole heartedly believe this to be true, which creates one hell of a letdown, when there’s no one there to help you in the moment you need help, which you then turn to the person you helped and ask them for help and just so happen in that moment, they’re busy as hell, but you take it as a slap in the face, which is not the case, then become mad and angry at them and possibly sabotage a relationship, friendship, claiming they don’t care about you, because they wasn’t there for you when you needed them, and when they finally have time to get back in touch with you, you don’t answer your phone, in spite of them, all because of what you’ve created in your mind and believed them to have spited you, which again was not the case, as another form of good deed you could have done, without expecting or believing in good karma.

Then you have (really) feeling sorry for someone, so I’ll do my good deed for the day and give them a helping hand, which related to, (Oddly enough), letting someone over in traffic or giving a few penny’s to the panhandler on the corner and/or the homeless guy, or the guy in the wheelchair, or the girl that’s kind of cute, but dressed like a bum asking you for a handout, or the guy standing on the side of the freeway off ramp with a sign saying; “Will work for food, God Bless”, that plays on your emotions, where after you do your deed, you feel good about yourself, which is obviously mostly about money, thinking if I give some money, then I’ll get more money, but not as a real good deed, and of course there is the anomaly, where a person is really in need, which I have experienced on both ends, but we’ll get to that.

Charities, foundations, Drives and Donations is another societal accepted form of doing a good deed, when there would be no need for it in and Equal Money System, which we give to these groups as a way of giving back for all the shit we’ve taking from one another throughout our lives, but call it doing our good deed so karma don’t come bite me in the ass (per se), but what we fail to realize is that we still will face the consequences for what we’ve done onto one another, no matter how much you give/donate, the donations will not change who we have become in our lives, only we can do that for ourselves in self-honesty to really change.

To be continued…

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