Day 526: Caring vs Condoning (Redefinition) Pt. 2

Continuing from where I left off in my last post, with redefining Condone/Condoning.

caring-vs-condoning-redefinition-ptCondoning in the form of a condom that suppresses Life from ever reaching its utmost potential as you, as who you really are, in essence the statement, “I’m not ready to take care of a baby yet” is the statement of “I’m not ready to change, ready to take responsibility for who I have become in my world and reality, because, I rather enjoy and condone the life that I’m living, to me it’s fun”, as the blinding factor of living in Hell 101 in real time.

The freedom of not having to readily take responsibility, to blame it on an external factor, that Consciousness-Done-it, but we’re the ones who condoned it, as forgetfulness ensue, we let common sense go right out the window, forgetting, the lesson history as shown us, as in what happens when we condone things like War and Protest, under the guise of starting a revolution, which is in fact Conflict, because we fall to see/realize and accept a solution that is best for all life on Earth. Only if it’s good for me, my family, my friends and the people in my group, will I sit back and let things slide down the slippery slope to mayhem, as we’re condoning our own demise.

1. to disregard or overlook (something illegal, objectionable, or the like):
The government condoned the computer hacking among rival corporation. Which is basically saying that we as humanity, live in a society of competition, condemning each other to the limited space in Hell we live in, while trying to obtain a piece of heaven for ourselves, by stepping on each other’s toes.

2. to give tacit approval to:
By his silence, he seemed to condone their behavior. This in the sense of what I discussed earlier, in not saying anything to a friend/partner in a relationship, as a silent approval to what they’re doing, because of what you’re getting out of it, so then in a way it’s the point of fear, fear of loss, losing that which you think you’re getting from the other person and/or out of the situation, for not saying anything.

3. to pardon or forgive (an offense); excuse:
His employers are willing to condone the exaggerations they uncovered in his resume. Once again only if it suits our self-interest, are we willing to forgive the offense/what someone has done, as we are very partial to the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but when the true of the matter is staring us in the face, we down play it as being a White Lie, and therefore acceptable, because the definition of ‘white’ means ‘pure’.

4. to cause the condonation of; justify the pardoning of (an offense). Of course, with most every condonation comes a justification, and in most cases, this justification is in the name of Caring, because I care for you/them, so once again I’ll condone what you/they do.

5. Law. to forgive or act so as to imply forgiveness of (a violation of the marriage vow): His spouse condoned his infidelity from the early year of their marriage. I mean this is needless to say, but the things we put up with, just to keep someone around, screams; ‘I’m comfortable’, but are we really.

What’s not seen/realized/understood, when looking at these external definitions, is the Self in the matter, meaning condoning one’s own behavior, the “why do I condoning this within me” question, is not looked at. Why am I accepting and allowing myself to still exist in anger, why am I accepting and allowing myself to still exist within reaction, why am I accepting and allowing myself to still exist in frustration, why am I accepting and allowing myself to still exist in emotion and feeling = I don’t want to see that, because I am allowing this within me, I allow it within another, therefore How can I assist and support myself, (when bringing it back to Self) to live this word in a way that’s supportive to me?

By changing it from an excuse driven word to only accepting that which will assist and support me to expand/grow and develop, myself into my utmost potential and doing that which is best for all life, in all ways, always. So, in essence I condone the pain I feel that assist me to seeing/realizing/understand what I have suppressed within me needs to come out and be corrected, then correct this within and as me. I condone the resistance I experience telling me not to, but accepting this as, Yes, I Really should, and going for it full steam, because if resistance is there, this must be that I’m on the right track – to push through it. I condone constructive criticism, being that the mind has many layer and dimension, which at times makes it hard for one to see everything in the moment, that’s when, someone steps in showing you what you’re missing. I condone self-forgiveness, being that it’s the first step to me releasing myself from my mind – to stand equal to and one with it. I condone group discussion, that’s showing points within oneself, that’s simplified with a corrective application, that assist and support one to change.

Within the above sense of condoning, lies the definition of what I will and will not accept and allowed in my world and reality, so in the next post, I will be opening up some Self-Forgiveness on Caring Vs Condoning.

To be continued…

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