Day 522: Spreading Your Thoughts Around (S.C.C.S)

Being that the problem lies within us, so do the solution, and the solution is obtainable through writing your Self-Corrective and Commitment Statements, on this point as follows;

spreading-your-thoughts-around-sccsWhen and as I see myself, giving my opinion when conversing with others, where I start with the words; “I Think”, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand that by saying I think, I’m in the process of making up and/or spewing what the mind is conjuring up for me to say out of my mouth, that is most likely assumptive in nature, that causes what’s real to be distorted, changed and/or added to, that doesn’t do what’s being discussed any justice, as it’s Just-I (me)-seeing through the mind’s eye and spreading my thoughts around, not giving a real informed response. I commit myself to speaking on that which I know about and/or have lived in my life, and not as an “I Think”, but as an “I know” because I live it/been through it, type of thing.

When and as I see myself, using the words ‘I Think” as an excuse to get to the point of understanding them/they, why they do/did this, that or the other, I stop and breathe and I see/realize/understand that them/they and what them/they do/did is not relevant to who I am and will not change me as a person, and that I need to move on and face my own problems, situations and things in my life that goes on, from investigation to solution, to no longer hide behind what I think about them/they, but instead to face me and the thought I have spread around about them/they, into living correction. I commit myself to facing myself, my problem, situations in my life head on, and no longer accept and allow myself to try hiding from me, by using them/they as an excuse, but leave them/they out of the equation.

When and as I see myself, becoming mind possessed with my own problems, and to cover them up, become mind possessed with others people’s problems, only spreading what I think about other people’s problems around, as if what I think about them is valid, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand that no matter how much I try to run away and hide from my own problems, they still will be here, once I finish a lap of going around in circles to nowhere, and in the process create consequence for myself, before I see my fault in the matter, which doesn’t do me any good, but set me apart from my self-expansion, growth and development, so It behooves me to leave others out of the equation and stop my own mind possessions. I commit myself to focusing on me, to stop my mind from posing in the mirror.

When and as I see myself, following the societal standard of having as a normal conversation with who I think is a friend, and we’ll always be a friend, where all we do is sit around and talk about other people, in spreading their information around, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand that it is highly probable the one day me and this ‘friend’, won’t be friend any longer, being that our conversations are mostly about other people, which means that it’s highly probable that I’ll find myself on the other end of thoughts being spread around about me, which would then be showing me myself in the mirror, in having done the same to others, meaning I need to put a guard on my mouth and my mind to stay Here at all times. I commit myself to putting a guard over my mouth and my mind, and remaining Here in every moment of breath at all time so let nothing slip out.

When and as I see myself, becoming frustrated and/or angry when hearing that someone has spread something around about me, I stop and breathe and have a look at where in my world have I done the same to someone else in my world and reality, then write it out, forgive myself for doing so and live the corrective action on the same point that’s being perpetuated onto towards me.

When and as I see myself, living this personality from what I heard as Adult talk growing up, what the Adults in my live were spreading around as their thoughts about other Adult in our world, where I have taken this with me throughout grade school, into high school (to be accepted) and then into adulthood and onto the job market, I stop and breathe and tell myself enough is enough. I see/realize/understand that in doing this spiteful act, I was trying to get ahead, which in essence only placed my head onto the chopping block (per se), meaning I’m not realizing ‘Do unto others and you would like to be done unto’, thus placing myself in the midst of being talked about, put down and passed over for someone else to get ahead, using me as a catapult, as I have done to others, and for that to the being I have done this to I’m sorry and asking you to please forgive me, because it’s one thing to forgive myself , but another to ask forgiveness and mean it.

When and as I see myself, thinking/perceiving/believing that I am safe from being talked about and or things being spread around about me, because I live in a quiet neighborhood and think everyone is so nice and loving, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand that I’m living in a dream world, in an illusion of grandeur and need to wake myself up before reality smacks me in the face, that there is no such thing in the neighborhood I live in and/or any other neighborhood for that matter in the world, as we have so gracefully spited our way into the illusion of calm, as we smile in your face and spread thoughts around behind your back. The proof is in the creation of a neighborhood watch program, coming to a neighborhood near you real soon, if not already there.

When and as I see myself, inviting this type of behavior into my home, without checking it at the door, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand that what I accept in my home is what I have accepted in my life, that exist within and as me, which is one of the stumbling block preventing me from real self-change, from real self-expansion, from real self-growth and development, causing me to remain stagnant in my process and in my life, so this I will not accept and allow any longer, but to instead stop it within me first completely, then my external reality will change, as within, so without.

When and as I see myself, letting myself be plagued by the ignorance of accepting being labelled repulsive names that’s been spread around toward each group and race of people and reacting to them, as if this is who I really am then find myself returning the favor of sorts, meaning labelling others back with other name calling methods, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand that by reacting to these labels, I am letting myself be defined by them, which is a statement as to how brainwashed I really am, in giving my power through reaction away to others and/or a label/name in the wind, so I commit myself to brushing the dirt off my shoulder per se, with this name calling business, no longer accepting and allowing myself to participate in any form of stereotypical labelling of a person group or race.

When and as I see myself, letting my mind stand in my way, like a Chinese puzzle waiting for me to figure myself out, I stop and breathe and see this stand as a gift to start figuring. I see/realize/understand that I should limit this stance to accepting what the mind has to show me, but not accept and allow myself to participate in the thoughts my mind presents to me for me to spread around, but to remain sound, grounded and stable, when stopping the flow of traffic that starts with the thoughts in my head, that wants to get off on the next exit out of my mouth, so I commit myself to working with my mind, to no longer accept and allow myself to be directed by my mind, but to stand equal to and one with it, and getting to the point of directing myself into my Utmost potential.

When and as I see myself, thinking my thought are secret, not realizing that secrets are the best way to get the word out, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand that a world of Dismay lies within a secret and just because it’s not said verbally, doesn’t mean that what I think is not creating my reality around me, because it is, what’s spread around comes around and you might not like it when it come back around from which it came, so I commit myself to stopping my secret mind, to no longer spread around my thought, but instead to forgive them, correct them and live my life to my utmost potential and what’s best for all.

Thanks for reading.

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