Day 520: Spreading Your Thoughts Around Pt. 2

Picking up where I left off;

spreading-your-thoughts-around-pt-2Whether you want to admit it or not, the tricky part is the ignorance that plagues us, when labelling one another with, and accept the repulsive names we give to each other, in the most simplistic form of separation, such as Spic, Redneck or Nigger, as thoughts turned into words, then spread around and believed, this must be who I am, because I feel a certain way when you call me this, but this is not who we really are, limited to a name, belief, structure, Idea or action, we are much more than the thoughts we spread, and reacting doesn’t do us any justice, because it’s just the mind that we’ve allowed to stand in our way, like a Chinese puzzle waiting for us to figure ourselves out, that we believe is who we really are, so we follow what’s in our head like zombies, while biting the life out of any shred of common sense and decency we ever had.

They say to speak your mind, but how can you possibly do that if you’re too busy following it, it’s more like we accept and allow the mind is speak through us, as the Ventriloquist puppeteering our every move, being that (hypothetically speaking) we never see the mind lips moving, only yours, let alone the mind itself, but you know it’s there, as an unspoken collective agreement, that there is something more than what we see with our eyes inside and around us, so (Up come a thought and we spread it around).

What’s the best way to get the word out? That is to keep a secret, which is the act of spreading your thoughts around, that’s why although We don’t say it, somebody else will, and the whole of humanity will recognize it, because we’ve all thought it, but waited for the right moment, for it to become acceptable, and that’s when it becomes so easy for us to agree with it, such as how sex is portrayed in the media, I mean who would have thought that almost every song on the radio (these day), is in the form of verbal porno (explicit lyrics), that we create footage with, bringing it alive in our imagination, and acting it out in reality. I mean imagine a nation all thinking the same thing, none of it good and that’s what we live in.

But I’m not Rabbi, a Preacher, Spiritual Fanatic or Guru, I’m just a plain ole dude who is learning how his mind work and don’t like what he sees, what I have become, what this world has become, with my participation in it, so anyway, what’s really messed up is the interpretation, the way it sounds when it comes back around, meaning let say it all started with you transforming a thought into an idea, word, then spread it throughout your circle, which will eventually get out into the rest of the world, then about a year or so down the line, someone comes up to you, that you don’t know and tells you something that you said a year ago, but totally distorted what you said and made it into a belief system and would fight you over its validity, if you dare go against what they’re saying, claiming that you’re stupid and don’t know what you’re talking about for questioning them, like wow, how would that resonate with you? I’m sure you would probably be blown away; Well this is how all Religions and belief systems are started/made and believed, all by spreading your thoughts around, which creates the world around us, this world we live in, built off of yours and mine and the rest of humanities thought, spread around for Years, Decades, Centuries, Millenniums, and Eons of time, which should be a crime and it’s not.

But it is now time for this to stop, for us to stop ourselves from spreading our thoughts around, we are the self that creates how we exist in our world. They say your inner reality creates your outer reality, (sort of like what you speak is what you get) and this being so, is being done through spreading your thought around, and even still most of us won’t get it, because we’re still stuck on the name calling aspect of what I mention at the beginning of this blog post.

To be continued…

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