Day 519: Spreading Your Thought Around

spreading-your-thoughts-aroundHave you ever noticed that the most profound mini statement in a conversation, being that of; “I Think”, where we spread our thoughts, opinions, and Ideals around, starting with these two words; “I Think”, and then comes a belief that what you think is real, when half of what we think is assumptive in nature, but believable to the point that others act on what we think and make uninformed decision against someone they probably don’t know, all because of what we think gets spread around like an addictive disease.

One could say that this is because we’re trying to get to a point of understand them/they, why they do/did, this that or the other, but ask yourself, is what they do/did relevant to who you are, will it change you as a person, the answer is No, but we tend to do this, instead of facing our own problems, situations things in our lives that goes on, these things we claim to not think about, in the sense of asking oneself, why is this happening to me, then into investigation to solution No, these things we don’t bring up in conversation, like; “I Think I should stop thinking about people” for instance , we just become mind possessed with our own problems and then other people’s problems, but only spread what we think about other people’s problem around as if what we think is valid.

That’s how gossip ensues, the creation of destruction of our world and reality, I mean, how many times have you changed friends in your life time, because of what you thought and/or heard what someone else was thinking, this happens because of thoughts that’s been spread around, starting with us, but then again we don’t see our fault in the matter, we’re just having a normal conversation with a friend who we think will be there forever, but then something happens where you’re not friends any longer and they go spreading your thought around with their New friends at Starbuck or your neighborhood coffee shop.

I bet you never saw that coming, so in fact people do know what you’re thinking about them, for the simple fact, you’ve told someone else and little did you know they couldn’t wait to go back and tell the other person, hence the change of friend, where we then start all over again, as if the slate is now clean and you’re the nicest person in the world, but lo and behold, your New friend has done the same thing towards someone else, but that topic will not be up for discussion any time soon, between you two.

We see it in our everyday lives, coming from adult talk that we’ve heard growing up that we’ve made a part of our personality and took with us throughout grade school, into high school, (To be accepted) into being adults ourselves and onto the job market (We use it to get ahead), not realizing that it’s our heads on the chopping block, considering ‘Do unto others as you would like to been done unto’, I mean spreading your thoughts around have basically become a way of life, you see it in Reality Shows and in most cases we’re told to speak our minds, as the mind is a terrible, terrible thing to waste, but the waste that comes out of our mouth, comes from the thoughts in a mind full of shit, where our waste of time has become a conversation about others.

“I Think” is the admission of guilt that made this world into the way we experience ourselves in it today, messed up, corrupt, a pleasant disaster, pleasant because we just don’t see how bad things really is, I mean in my neighborhood all is quiet and we have a Neighborhood Watch Program, not realizing that this program gives you the right to watch your neighbors and come up with an assumption as to what you think they’re doing and spread your thoughts around the neighborhood about them, under the guise of stopping crime, while hiding behind the walls of your home, I mean, how spiteful is that and honestly, I live in such a neighborhood and just got the neighborhood watch News-paper on my door as well as the rest of my neighbors.

Interestingly enough we re-invite these types of behavior into our homes, being that that’s where it all stems from and still there, hence the word, re-invite, but it’s funny how we human being have a way of telling on ourselves, showing to ourselves the nature of our ways, then getting angry when we see it and blame the person that brought it to light for bringing it up, like why did you just put a mirror in front of my face, I don’t like the way I look, sort of thing, but if we for one moment take a quick glance at ourselves, we would probably see/realize/understand that I’m the cause of it all, Yes You, Yes Me, take responsibility, then maybe we can begin to be the change we want to see in this world and our reality.

To be continued…

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