Day 509: Management

managementWhen one thinks of management we think of a hierarchy, the upper echelon, authority figures, the elite, your boss, anyone who is above you that runs a company, business or group which is so, or may not be, but what is rarely considered is the origin of management, which is self-management, the things we do being placed (born) in a position of management, managing oneself, although things may be laid out for us in our preprogrammed life design, we still have the responsibility of managing ourselves, I mean it’s fairly easy to tell someone what to do that you’ve learned from someone else, to the point of being put in a management position in a company, I’m sure you probably earned it, but how often do we really tell ourselves what to do and/or have we ever told ourselves what to do or just followed suit, thinking, I can manage, let alone listened to ourselves?

The big thing nowadays is; “Let me be your manager” that’s used in the music and sports industry, by placing certain people with a specific skill set in a position of money making and of course the manager makes all the money if one is not careful and although a manager is well needed in most of these cases, why is it that one don’t just give you the information you need to move forward on your own and succeed at what you’re doing are we really not able to manage ourselves in these situation or is it that we become so blinded by the money outcome that we submit ourselves at any cost to being led down a road to being fucked over, I mean I’ve seen it plenty of times on a major scale with a few Athlete friends of mine whose manage took them for millions, where one ended up losing everything and the other, caught in time enough to let the guy go and create his own management company which was better for it, lesson well learned.

Setting the strategy of an organization and coordinating the efforts of its employees or volunteers, is but a way of defining how a business is run today, but also a discipline of sort, especially when one is talking about Self-Management, where you have to be discipline, (which we all are in a way) of managing ourselves, where yes we manage to wake up in the morning, cook ourselves breakfast, take a shower, get ready and go about our day, being that of basic management, but are we really listening to our bodies, because when it talks to us in pain we suppress it, I mean the only times we really listen to our bodies is when our stomach is growling or when we have to go use the toilet, and still then we wait until the last minute to do that and find ourselves in a rush, to do what we told our bodies to wait for, which is not a good management decision, and of course you have the anomaly where you’re in a position of not being able to go in that moment, but all and all how do we handle ourselves, being in a management position to manage ourselves, but don’t really know the self that we’re supposed to manage, Us, you for you and me for me?

Self-Management is more than the aforementioned ways of doing things, more than just eating, sleeping waking up, making money and taking a shit, it also has to deal with who you are in every moment of breath, what you think, the thoughts that comes up in your mind, how you react to different thing, your responses and behavior, your actions when interacting with other, more than how you carry yourself, along the lines of how you carry on, your personality management to character creation to learning what your natural form of expression is and, then some, all bottled up into what you see in the mirror as you, and what I see in the mirror as me, that makes us who are and/or have defined ourselves to be = all that we have to manage as ourselves.

To be continued…


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