Day 504: Request to Ultimatum

In this post, I’ll be having another look at Ultimatum and what’s opened up since the last time I’ve written about it. Enjoy

request-to-ultimatumIs all to bait me into believing that I had a choice, when the choice have already been made for you, where on both ends you’ll end up losing, which is commonly seen and experienced as a child, where we first learned what a Ultimatum is, listening to our parents telling us, you either do this or else be punished, you either clean your room or I’ll take away your play time, you either finish your food or you won’t get a snack, and so on, I mean it’s as if we’re being trained to not question but follow a system of societal rules and laws, that would direct us for the rest of our lives , so instead of questioning things, we look for ways of manipulation ourselves around them, in which case our parents should have told us, why our room needed to be clean at all times, why it’s important to finish our vegetables and the food on our plates, instead of injecting the fear of loss and punishment within and as us., would the Ultimatum then be questioning everything around us as we grew up, looking and finding real answers and solutions to the problems we face today, live through and become, telling ourselves, ‘if we don’t conform to the status quo, we’ll be punished or have things taken away from us, blindly following suit from when we were children.

Though our acceptances and allowances, is how we have for ages, designed the lives we live and connected through relationships with those around us, who too follow suit with the Ultimatums we give ourselves as humanity of being a Model Citizen, believing if we don’t conform, the System as God will not take care of us and we’ll die and go to hell = Ultimatum = All to make them think they had a choice.

Being that of a final demand in a series of request, goes to question, if the request was explain as to why the request was made, and if understood but the person asked to perform this request, would it then stop the request from turning into an Ultimatum.

A cleverly devised way to get people to conform to our beckoning will, by withholding something from them, as seen in relationships, where one or the other is demanded to do something or another, to keep the flame alive, so to speak, (which is usually one sided), but a means to control your counterpart, where I have experienced this being on both ends of the coin, which turned really nasty, where at one point in a relationship, I began issuing Ultimatum with the perceived Idea that I was getting what I wanted, but things turned when the Ultimatums was met with a simple No, as they then started issuing Ultimatum on their own, as the chase of each other continued back and forth and found myself conforming to all the demands that were given, by my counterpart, which became overwhelming to say the least, ending in another failed relationship, parting ways blaming one another for not listening to each other’s demands. And it took me quite some time to realize my fault in the matter as I felt like the victim, being that I was the last one being demanded. The shoes are always uncomfortable when on the other foot.

The Solution to Ultimatums is merely a conversation away from being solved, but what always stands in the way is Ego, too afraid to let go of our Ego and live as Equals, let go of the idea of having to be a certain way around other, to preserve your pride, because it’s all a lie that can be let go of, in order to live life to your utmost potential. The way that assisted me to stop this demanding with Ultimatum syndrome that I had, started with this FREE Online Course, (DIP Lite) dealing with the Awareness in understanding Yourself, how your mind works, where your thought/feelings/emotions come from and how to stop them, so that you never again place yourself in a position of being susceptible to an ultimatum, nor issuing an Ultimatum toward other again, and although it’s a work in progress, with the tools given you will have a chance to work through you and realize it do work , as I would recommend for you to start living life, by clicking the link above.

Thanks for reading.


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