Day 501: Can You Keep a Secret, And Why Pt 3

Previously on: “Can You Keep a Secret, And Why” Pt 2

Goes to show that it doesn’t pay to lie for someone to keep their secret, as I have experienced the consequences first hand of this, that had a major affected on me and my Military career from there on, until I got out.

More to come on accepting things from others/being paid in essence to keep a secret.

can-you-keep-a-secret-pt-3If there’s a chance for you to get ahead in life, to have more than what you currently have, to keep you afloat, to help you in your basic survival needs and/or to fulfill your wants/needs/desires, would you take it, when all you have to do is to keep your mouth shut, to keep a secret and as the extreme, take it to the grave if you have to? I mean what better way to get what you want, than just keeping your mouth shut and not telling the person you were told not to tell the secret you heard and/or saw concerning them?

What’s in it for me we ask, always blunt and to the point, shall I go along with this scheme and at a young age we’re prepped to follow suit. When I was a kid I was the worst at keeping secrets, I mean if you gave me Cotton Candy and told me not to tell anyone, that Cotton Candy was gone and the next person I saw, I’m telling; “Guess what I had”……. and who gave it to you; “They did”. Honestly I remember one time when I was about 7 or 8 years old and at that time my entire family were all still going to the same church I grew up going to, where certain things you just could do, normal things that was deemed as worldly, so one Saturday morning my father took all the boys with him to do some work somewhere and afterward surprisingly enough, he asked if we wanted to go to the movies, and we all looked with big eyes like yeah/yes sir, and he told us, if I take you all to the movies, you can’t tell No Body, not your mom, not you sisters and definitely not your friends at church, we all agreed to not say anything to keep this a secret, he then took us to the movie where we had a great time and afterward, he took us to eat and then home, in order as such, once we got home he reminded us to not say anything and as soon as we got inside the house the first thing I said to my mom was, “Guess what, daddy took us to the movies” and then remembered oh shit I wasn’t supposed to say anything, but by that time it was too late, although nothing happen, they never too me anywhere with them again, as the group of us boys.

So I felt bad, but I was young and too happy to keep that particular incident a secret, and from then on every time I would ask them to take me with them, they would say No, that I didn’t know how to keep a secret, but where did this all change? I so desperately wanted to make up for my mishap, and waited for the next opportunity to do so, and sure enough it came, where one day my older brother asked mom can he use the car to go for a job interview or something of that sorts, but I had this hunch that he might be going somewhere else, so I went and jumped in the Van we had, behind the third seat and hid before he came out.

He then came out, got in the Van and took off, I told myself to stay hidden until he got to the place he was going, just in case he discovered me and took me back home, so when we go to the place he was going, I jump up from the back and said “Hey” I’m here, which initially spooked him and said; “Boy what you doing back there”, so I simply told him I wanted to go with you and I knew if I asked you would say No.

Luckily enough, my hunch was right, he went to see a girl, opening up my change to prove that I could keep a secret, but he had to give me something for it. To make a long story short, he took me to the store and got me whatever type of candy I wanted and took me out to eat afterward, and said you bet not say nothing to nobody and I said this time I won’t, and sure enough when we finally got back home I was asked where did we go, I said ‘oh he had a job interview, so ended up helping him out to because we were gone for quite some time and mom was a bit perturbed, and if I wasn’t with him he would have probably got in trouble. And that’s when I learned how keeping a secret pays off and took that with me into adulthood, spitefully manipulating other to give me something if they wanted me to keep their secret, but little did I know what goes around comes around full swing.

What you might not say to someone that you’ve accepted something for to keep your mouth shut, may cause major consequences for them in the near future, as what I’ve experienced coming back to me tenfold, where because I was the same way, the same was done to me.

In the last relationship, I was in, (which was before I found Desteni) I was with this person for a substantial amount of time, where my guy friends knew her and would speak which was cool per se, but being that my house had our recording studio in it, they would come and go as they please and for most part, I trusted them (so I thought). Came a period of time when I had to go out of town for a while and when I came back, things were quite different with the both parties involved towards me, I didn’t pay too much attention to it, but later on after we broke up, was when I started realizing little thing, like people would slip and say things, that I was like Huh/What, then they would change their tone of conversation and it happened again and again, (without going into detail) until I found out that this one person was paying the others to keep their mouths shut about something that had been ongoing for quite some time, that I know had a major effect on my relationship with my Ex, that was probably the main reason our relationship ended abruptly/out of the blue, without question, I mean it took me just about these last 4 years since finding Desteni to get over this point, which I probably wouldn’t have gotten over if I wouldn’t have found Desteni.

Anyway, point being, to see discretely and not say anything is one thing and to see discretely and to receive something for not saying anything is another thing, both forms of these secret has consequences, as I have experienced that had a major effect on my life, at times in my life, that I wouldn’t recommend for anyone to have to go through, thing is to watch what you hear and accept from others as a secret to keep or else your perpetuation of could be detrimental and life changing.

To be continued…


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