Day 500: Can You keep a Secret, And Why Pt. 2

Previously On: “Can You Keep a Secret, And Why”;

Although this secret wasn’t such a big deal in my dream, what was though, was the aspect of lying, when asked if I knew something, I refused to say yes, and as I look back on it, in a way I had accepted a payment in the form of a Crystal Pill to keep my mouth shut, so that’s two point that needed investigation and the relevance of the house I grew up in, was showing me how I had been this way since I was a child, in accepting things from others, to keep their secret and the relevance of my mother being there, showed me where I got this pattern from, which WOW’d me that I saw with clarity and understood the different aspects of the dream, so I then wrote about it when I got up and gifted myself the point of lying within keeping a secret, and how I for the longest accepted different things in returned for keeping someone’s secret.

can-you-keep-a-secret-pt-2So, Why say No to someone asking you if you know about something when you know exactly what they’re talking about, are you willing to face the consequences, when they find out that you do know, why put yourself in such a position, I mean if this person was really your friend, they wouldn’t ask you to lie for them, because as I said before, the truth, must and will come out. Prime example;

When I was in the military, we got deployed overseas and stationed on a Marine Base in Okinawa, Japan for 6 months, far away from home, so the highlight of being there was to get a phone card and call our families back at home on the weekends during ‘Liberty’ (Time off from military duties), being that by this time, I had become friend with a few guy, who had been with me all the way through since Bootcamp, we’ve grown pretty close and tight together, but one of the guys who was the rowdy one of the bunch, would always get into trouble and lead us right along with him, oddly enough he was the shortest one in the group of us and we blindly followed him, I mean he was our friend, so anyway he had stolen someone phone card and made all these calls back home where he was from, and then ask me and a few other of our friend, did we want to use this phone card to make calls to our families back at home, I refused, but a few of the guy didn’t, they used the card and made calls as well.

A few weeks then passed, as we thought nothing of it, but what we didn’t know was that during that few weeks, the guy whose card it was had reported it to the Captain of our Platoon, who had done some investigation and found out where all the call were going to and who made them, so shit was about to roll downhill real fast, and when we get wind of what was going on, the Platoon Sergeant made an announcement saying that the Captain wanted to speak to the list of people he read off of, which had all the people names who had made calls using this phone card on it, plus mine and a few more people.

So this friend of mine got us all together and came up with a plan that they had found the phone card number a bulletin board in the Mess Hall (Where we Eat) and for each one of us to say that’s where we got it from, and for me who didn’t use the card to say that I saw it there too, in other word to keep his secret and perpetuate the lie and go along with it so he wouldn’t get in trouble, so everyone said ok, Yes that’s what we’re going to do, and of course I agreed to it as well, the time then came, where one by one we were sent in to see the Captain, then my turn came around and I when and saw the Captain, I then stuck to the script and said Yes I saw the phone card number on the bulletin board in the Mess Hall, he said are you sure, I said Yes sir, then he asked me if I know if my friend took the card and I said No sir, he then said ok you can go.

I then left out the office and all that was left was my friend who had stolen the phone card and one other close friend. After they were done they came back into the Barracks and didn’t say anything and I assumed all was well, until I got told by the Platoon Sergeant, the Captain wanted to see me again, so I went back and saw the Captain, as he asked me again, and I told him the same thing over, but little did I know my friend who had stolen the card admitted the truth to the Captain, plus told the Captain that he told us to lie for him and to keep it a secret lol, so the Captain then busted me down, stripped me of my rank, and gave me 45 days Restriction to the Barracks and extra duty, funny thing was I had more of a stiffer punishment than the guy who stolen the card in the first place and left us out to dry by telling on himself, Boy was I pissed.

Goes to show that it doesn’t pay to lie for someone to keep their secret, as I have experienced the consequences first hand of this, that had a major affected on me and my Military career from there on, until I got out.

More to come on accepting things from others/being paid in essence to keep a secret.

To be continued…

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