Day 496: People Watcher

people-watchingSitting ideally by waiting for someone to make a mistake to shun them, then saying, when I grow up, I’ll never do that, but not limited to the child you once were, as an adult it becomes a passion of ours to sit back everywhere we are and watch people, one would ask why are you so quiet and get the response, I like watching people, but in fact you’re not quiet at all as perceived, in your mind you’re having a full blown conversation with yourself and /or the person you’re looking at, saying things like, ‘Why would you wear that dress’ or ‘Look how he’s looking at her, I wish he would look at me like that’ or ‘Watch out for that”… Bang, then laugh at them, calling them stupid for not paying attention to where they were walking, obviously this is spiteful behavior, for the simple fact that they could have avoided the mistake/mishap if we would have said something, but we don’t, because we’re just People Watching.

The biggest Excuse/Justification we give ourselves is; “I’m learning from others mistake”, but do we really learn from others mistake, or just find ways to minimize the consequences, when doing the same thing we saw someone else do, claiming that at least I got away with it and they didn’t, again spiteful behavior, but in spite of knowing this, we remain People Watchers. I mean how many people in your life do you really know that learned from others mistake and went on to have a fantastical life? Not that many to none I suppose, being that when you see someone in a situation, first thing comes to mind is, “if that was me”, unconsciously placing yourself in their position and in time manifesting the exact situation in your world onto yourself, you see there’s a connectedness in everything we do and think about, in comparing ourselves to ourselves then experience ourselves as that which we say in someone else, that in fact is us.

If all that matters is watching out for ourselves, why can’t we see that that’s exactly what we’re doing, while ignoring the very thing we’re looking at in the mirror, us, each other, if a parent leave a kid in your arm and say watch out for my kid, I’ll be right back, would you not look out the wellbeing and best interest of that kid, according to the parents demand, and yes obviously in this day and age for that to even be possible, you would have to know the Parent, before they and you would even consider it. Why is this, because first off we hate responsibility, we hate the fact that we have to take responsibility for ourselves, I mean if we could magically turn ourselves into Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses and have others to do everything for us, that would be the ideal life we would like to live, but it doesn’t work that way, because we’re too buy being People Watchers, instead of Watching out for People, treating others as you would like to be treated, No that’s unheard of, while being known throughout humanity, you see that conundrum we’re in.

Tell me what wrong with heaven being Here on Earth, is it the fact that we’ve created an image of Heaven in our minds of a place to go to, where everything is beautiful, but with just one flaw, we would have to worship and serve somebody else, instead of really being free to do what we want, to express ourselves how we would like to, that’s why no one really wants to die, if Yes, then answer yourself another question, is heaven a place where everyone gets along with everyone equally, if Yes, that shows that it’s possible for Heaven to be Here on Earth and interestingly enough it all starts with the redefinition of being a People Watcher, where the word Watcher becomes a Caregiver of sorts, caring for your fellow man, the way you would want for you and your family to be cared for, like the Message of Jesus, to love thy Neighbor as thyself, it’s not really that hard really, but it’s funny how for some reason, no one can explain why we don’t want others to see us treating others good, as if we do , we’ll be banished from existence forever more or something, I mean it’s obvious that this is a total Mind fuck up, which means it’s correctable and changeable, being that the mind is not who we really are and releasable through Writing, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application, tool of self-change that you can find HERE.

The point of being a People Watcher, screams the lack of interaction, the lack of wanting to interact with the person next you, instead of just looking at them, because of Fear, you see everything revolves around Fear, in being For-Ever-A-fraid, meaning you’ll just fall apart if somebody knew your secrets, making it seem impossible to warm up to a random person, so we look at them, critique them and walk away, but watch this, if that persons picture perfect presentation is aligned to how you would view a person of interest, the fear somehow dissipates, making it an Idea of fear, residing in a figment of your imagination, which isn’t real and in control of you, you are or should be, get the picture.

There is a very simple start to a solution, of breaking out of being just a People Watcher, that is to speak up and say Hi to the person you find yourself keeping an eye on for more than just a moment, in doing so, one would then think that this would bring the world that much closer together (which it will), making the inevitable idea of Heaven on Earth that much close to being the Reality you would want for you and your family to live in.

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