Day 494: Satisfied

satisfiedAs an after statement, meaning I Sat in This Feeling until I Died, unable to Expand, Grow and Develop, because I embellished a way to be content, just give me a wife/husband, a roof over my head and a way to pay rent, or any combination that suits my self-interest, and a lot of money as a means of defense and don’t tell me nothing because I don’t want to wake up, I like things just the way they are, so please don’t interrupt. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I don’t want things to change, I would rather stay enslaved with a ball and chains, is how the majority of humanity look at and see things.

Are you really satisfied with what you get and what you do with the time you have left here on this planet? I’m sure there are plenty unsatisfied people in this world, but this is about those that’s satisfied with the way things are, not willing to change, therefore unable to change, until they start to lose everything, that has made them satisfied, the luxury of owning the finest material possessions and the safety net to keep them from stressing and starving, harden in their own ways, unable to see how they’ve encaged the rest of the world, and so enslaved themselves as well.

Some would say I’m not satisfied but content, but contentment is a form of dependence, which brings forth resentment, when what your depended on is not there any longer, they say with every mishap one gets stronger, but not in the way of learning from ones mistake, but in a way of say, when I get some money, I’m not going to help nobody, because nobody looked out for me, as the cycle continues, with the misbelief that, being satisfied is only for you and I, while the rest of the world starves and die, there’s no changing this fact until we change ourselves, until we break out of our shell and realize that this Hell that we’ve created for us to live in, is brought on by always wanting to win and when we win we’re satisfied, that we’ve turned a blind eye, we’re content with the fact that we’re still alive, but that’s not enough we want more satisfaction through stimulation, while not having to face what we did.

– to fulfill my desires, expectations, needs and demand, to make happy, to gratify to full appeasement and, to put an end to all doubt and uncertainty, to dispel, just a few of the definitions we enjoy living in hell. To conform to (as specifications): be adequate to (an end in view): to make true by fulfilling a condition in values, the condition being that you value all life as you, then all will be satisfied equal and one to, where satisfaction would be lived as all as life and not just as a whimsical, fly by night word of self-fulfillment, but fulfilling to oneself, when this process is done when all in existence can truly live as one, will I be Satisfied. Are you satisfied?
Just something that was on my mind.


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