Day 493: The Dark Side

the-dark-sideRevenge is an ugly thing, powerful to those wielding the hammer of spite, in spite of being wronged in the first place. It’s fascinating how every villain in every story, movie, fairy tale or books, past is overlooked, what really happened and the person who vilified them then becomes the Hero, but is also the one who placed them in the position of wanting revenge in the first place, when all the villain really want to do is to go back in time and stop this tragedy from ever happening, cause and effect. Because the unsung Hero covered up their spiteful behavior, as what they initially did to make this person want to seek revenge on them, that doesn’t make them a Hero, but one who hides and suppresses the secret mind the Dark Side, while on the outside presenting themselves as an “Angel”, pure of heart, luring everyone else into an enchantment, while pointing the finger of blame onto their first victim, the villain.

I mean If this wasn’t such a big deal why does everyone seek a happy ending, seek freedom, this freedom being from the Dark Side of us, our Dark Minds, the side we don’t want people to see exist within and as us, or else our Herodom would be vanquished in one moment, still in today’s world, we fear that our friend, associates, partners and family member would disown us, would walk away from us forever more if they find out who we really are, what goes on in the back of our minds, but it doesn’t happen that way, because they have skeletons in their closet to, and mums the word, as long as we don’t tell our secrets to one another or anyone else, I can deal with your dark side, but can you Deal with mine.

They say in Fairy tale stories Hero’s don’t kill, well that’s because Hero’s have already killed and buried their dark side to become the Hero, making everyone else believe someone is after them for no apparent reason. Same thing applies when you do something to someone when no one is looking, but when they go to get you back it’s in front of everyone, where you then look dumbfounded at what just happen, making yourself out to be the victim in the eyes of the masses, denying the fact that you hurt them really bad, but who gets in trouble, the one who got caught returning the favor of sorts, now everyone else vilify them forever more.

Now obviously on both side, a solution is to not get even Steven, but to look at where within your world you have done the same to someone else, because by holding onto being wronged, makes matter that much worst, as you let it fester within you and become really dark on the inside, comprising ways to get back at this person, and when your revenge comes out, it’s even more worse than you imagine, where now it’s too late to take it back, as you will have to live with what you did for the rest of your life, I mean can you live with knowing that what you did wasn’t worth the consequences you are now faced with, as the extreme to what was done to you?

Embarrassment, Fear, Jealousy, Envy, Cockiness, Control, Power, Greed and Unawareness to say the least, when inflicted onto someone are those that which brings out the Dark Side in someone, and I say Unawareness, because you can be unaware of the implication of what you’re about to do to someone will have what effect on them, meaning it doesn’t have to be personal, your intentions could have been good, but the outcome shows differently, which then brings out the Dark Side of that person because of your mistake, so you have to remember one thing with Intentions, I-N-Tended to do this that and the other, without investigating what would happen first.

So Yes you are as fault for initiation the Dark Side coming out of this person and Responsibility should be taken on your end, although it’s the person who gives their power away to the mind in reacting, then acting out revenge on you, who reaps their fair share of consequences as well, thing is, if we know our strengths and weaknesses, beforehand, when something happens to us, we’re able to curb the Dark Side from coming up within and as us, and step into the solution phase, before things get out of hand.

I mean I got to hand it to myself because I was somewhat a reactive person, reacting to any and everything people did to me, seeking revenge, enacting revenge with the Idea in my head of wanting to Win, wanting to get even, but at the end of the day I was Vilified by right, because of all the Dark Side shit that I would come up with to inflict onto the person in question, which always made matters worse for me, and me having an I Don’t Care attitude didn’t make things any easier, until one day I woke up and realized that something had to give, as I was losing all my friend, but even more losing myself to this Dark Side in me, where I’d find myself walking around all the time frowning, Mad, Sad and Angry for no apparent reason at all, which hurt because I always had a headache and was in pain, wondering why, until I realized, hey the more I inflicted my bad side onto someone, no matter what they did wrong to me to deserve it, the more bad thing would happen to me, but once I start letting things go unconditionally, bad things stop happening as much, to none being inflict by other people that I reacted to and at that point I said, “You know what, no more”, so here I stand able to write about this and able to walk through this point of seeking revenge and letting the Dark Side come out of me, thanks to this Free Online Course called DIP Lite (Desteni I Process Lite) that helped me to open myself up to the Dark Side in me, to see what it is and correct myself. The investigation into the Dark Side of you start with a click of the above link.



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