Day 492: Trapped in One Frame of Mind

trapped-in-one-frame-of-mindLet it go, release it or find yourself depleted of the will power to continue surviving in this world, only doing the minimal to stay afloat, every day is a dumpster dive to stay alive, accepting scrapes from the belly of the beast just to eat, I mean clearly nothing else is on your mind, but the Last mistake you’ve made and haven’t gotten over, but keep replaying it over in your head and re-living out the scene that in one moment Changed your life forever more, because you can’t seem to get out of being trapped in one frame of mind. The extreme of what has happened to some, but could happen to you if you don’t let go of the past mistakes you’ve made.

From day in to day out, Sunrise to Sunset, the constant nagging of the conversations we have with ourselves, calling ourselves stupid for making the wrong decision or placing ourselves in the wrong position and there’s nothing that I can do to change this, so I am complacent with the punishment I inflict onto myself, I don’t deserve another change, so I’ll just give up on life, because life threw me a bunch of lemon, which left a sour taste in my mouth, because I got let go from my job, during the downsizing of the company, that I never got over, and after all the things I did for them, they didn’t give a hoot about me, and I’ll never let it go, so I’ll remain a Bum on the street, until somebody else come and saves me.

Trapped in one frame of Mind, as this one point that I just can’t get pass, why is it that we believe, that that was our last stance, the only thing left to do is to give up, because all the energy is drained from me, unaware that I’ve open the flood door to Pandora’s Box, allowing my mind to suck the life right out of me, by feeding into the thoughts that’s presented to me, saying that you’ve done enough, you’ve given all you could to this world and no one cares about you, so give up, I’ll guide you, from this point on, as we fall so low into the disregard of our wellbeing, eating anything in the meantime to soak up the drugs and alcohol that clings to our flesh, oh what an exciting ride at best, until we come down and close our eyes, unable to see the Demon in me, disguised or the mess we’ve made, while Demanding that someone else should take our place, that someone else should take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed, but I care less because I’m not proud of myself on the inside, but at last I don’t have to answer to nobody, trapped in one frame of mind.

Driving around town, seeing the product of what our society (Our Minds) created, chewed up and spit out, to live on the streets for the rest of their lives, oblivious to the fact that the solution lies within, and as long as it lies there, your lying to yourself to not bring it up and move yourself within it, but it’s just not limited to those on the street, as we each are trapped in that one frame of mind that suits our self-interest and belief, at times when we think we’re right, what will become of us, as this that I’m see is the end result of thinking a mind is a terrible thing to waste, that I’m a free thinker that creates think tanks, and banks to keep the money on our minds, and hard to obtain, distorting the images we see in our brains.

I mean this isn’t a life for me, it’s a strange thing, I can’t deal with this, I didn’t come in this world with family and kid, how soon we turn to such spiteful advice, when given the choice between money or life, that we have destroyed our world trapped in one frame of mind, in one frame of thought that has kept us blind, from seeing the slippery slope that we’re descending upon, that’s a rats race through the gutter until we’re all gone, blaming each other, you did this to me, without seeing the true nature of the design of Feet , there for you to STAND UP when pushed down, during the worst of times, which would unlock you from being trapped in one frame of Mind.

Investigate you own mind HERE.

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2 Responses to Day 492: Trapped in One Frame of Mind

  1. Cool Carlton, there is a flow to this text, was it meant to be a song?

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