Day 485: It’s About the Way You Treat Them

its-about-the-way-you-trat-themWhen the flaws of a person are pointed out to you by another, or that you pick up on them yourself, why is it that we can’t get past what we see and treat them the same no matter what? Obviously we all have flaw’s, but have you ever looked in the mirror and felt sorry for yourself all the time every time you saw you, I mean that would be a miserable existence, a miserable way to exist, bringing on the depression, taking you to the point of, the I can’t take it anymore phenomena, which you end up treating yourself like shit, unaware that you’re doing so, (no excuse), I guess that’s why we treat others like shit, because throughout our life we ‘done shitted all over ourselves, since birth and not wipe it up, meaning we fail to take self-responsibility for the shit we’re in, that we’ve perpetuate onto towards others, by pointing out their flaw’s because we’ve treated ourselves like shit for so long. (no excuse)

Would you accept someone talking down to you, unaware of the affect that it has on you, while speaking to you in a way of pointing out the flaws you have, but not saying it directly, but with sort of an aggressive tonality, while perpetuating having their act together, I mean how do you combat such a thing, especially when it’s a family member or a really cool friend?

Ok so imagine having a quaint realization that you just did that to the last person you were talking to, but they were numb to the plight of what you were doing, and responded in oblivion to what you were doing, how does that make you feel, probably like shit I suppose and if not there’s a problem, because who are we to play God in saying, ‘but I was speaking the truth”, I mean it’s about the way you treat them, that accounts for how you will be treated by others.

When someone doesn’t see the way you see things, and/or do things differently than the way you do them, the assistance is not the design of “tough love”, that’s bullshit and not a way to assist someone, I mean I found myself thinking that I was helping someone, by being firm with them, and have did this towards this particular person for quite some time, then looking back on the other day, when I was around this person, after talking to them for a spell, I walked outside and took a look at myself, at the way I had talk to them, the tonality I used and how I generally came across to them, at which time I became ashamed of myself and went back inside and immediately changed my stance. The sad part about it was, I don’t think that person even noticed, but I didn’t and that’s unacceptable to me, I then applied self-forgiveness in the moment and saw this pattern of superiority verses inferiority and being self-righteous towards others, that has been embedded within me for so long, that I have projected onto towards other at times throughout my life, unaware that I was doing so and deem this unacceptable as well, so to expound on this for a moment;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have not be totally aware of the way I treat some people, in subliminally pointing out their flaws, while speaking to them in a sort of aggressive tonality, thinking that there’s nothing wrong with it, unaware of the affect it might have on that person in the long run.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to in a way take the attention off of me and my sort coming and pick out the flaws of other, even when no one is around but me and the other person, meaning; What am I hiding from myself? What is it that I don’t want me to see about me?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hide behind pointing out the flaws of others to not see what needs to be tweaked within myself, what I need to work on.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to treat others as I would like to be treated and talk to others as I would like to be talked to, but instead use an unacceptable tonality, that’s not conducive to assisting someone, although they’re unaware of it, doesn’t makes it ok, alright.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to get caught up in the polarity game of superiority and inferiority, in talking to a person in my world, that I call friend.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have thought “tough love” is a form of assistance, in the way you talk to someone and the tonality you use, not realizing, it only make things worse for the other person and causes consequences for you, within that I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create consequences for myself in the way I talk to others.

When and as I see, myself going into this pattern of superiority/inferiority and self-righteousness in relation to the way I talk to someone, the tonality I use, in pointing out their flaws and talking to them aggressively in a way, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand that this is unacceptable in every way imaginable, especially if they are unaware of what I’m doing, which in fact is hiding the things I need to work on from myself, by projecting them onto towards others, which causes a blockage of sorts in my process, stopping me from really getting to know myself through self-correction and the other person through our conversation, so I commit myself to taking heed to the way I talk to others, to correct myself in every way, stopping all the slyness, sneakiness, manipulation and spitefulness that exist within me, in which ever form or shape it takes, I commit myself to getting rid of all traces of this type of behavior that I have been participating within and as me for so long, and getting to the point of treating others as I would like to be treated in all ways, always. That being said, I’m on my way to apologize to a cool friend of mind. Peace!

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2 Responses to Day 485: It’s About the Way You Treat Them

  1. danmalara says:

    Wow, cool post. I could really relate to this, and you inspired me to write on the same point in my blog.

  2. Cool danmalara Thanks for reading.

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