Day 484: Walk This Way

walk-this-wayTo step into a personality suit and adapt with a character to the ever so changing situations, faces and places in time, that changes the world and reality in our mind, by design, through self-acceptance is how we walk this way and the next, then onto the next, way of being, living and acting that suits our self-interest in the moment, simply because we can’t understand way other don’t accept us for who we are.
I mean if you look at it, how many different outfits do you have in your closet, that when put any of them on, then you go outside find yourself walking a different way in each outfit?

This would also depend on the mood we’re in, where, interestingly enough we do dress according to our mood, then perpetuate our mood in the way we walk, and talk and of course look, I mean how many time have you been in a slump, and just wanted to slouch around the house and a friends comes to get you and say, I’m getting you off this couch and out this house, come on get dress, we’re going out and you say I don’t feel like it, then decide to go and just throw on anything, where your friend then say, let’s go and once you get there, you’re dragging your feet, (but notice and interesting thing), then when something sparks your interest you perk up, change your personality and walk a different way, head up shoulder back and chest out with a smile.

Have you ever taken notice to how many different way you change your walk throughout your day, where you start of in a rush, dropping things, forgetting things, going out the door, then get to your office, get out the car stand straight up, slow yourself down and walk cool, calm and collective inside, as if you’ve been that way, the entire time leading up to getting to the office, then holding it together up until around lunch time, where you then start feeling a bit drained, but can’t understand why, so you start walking with loose legs, as if you just did hours of manual labor, but coming to the end of the day you get excited again, putting a bit of pep in your step, because you’re about to get off work, get back home and start slugging around again, unless you have something exciting to do, where you then start back over from scratch, walking this way, showing that the what we think about and how we feel dictate the way we walk, which means we are not directing ourselves in everything we do, which shows in the way we chose to walk.

In the Military, it was a march to everything we did, from the mess hall, to the classrooms, to the drill field where we practiced the way we walked literally, but then got out to the streets and started walking differently, where I became this cool character and started walking with a bop, to look, perpetuate my coolness, which is funny in hindsight, being that whenever I would walk pass someone, I would look back at them to see if they we’re look at me, as if I needed an Ego boost or something, to keep going, and went on walking this way for quite some time, which ended when people stop looking at me and I had to find another way to get people to look at me, so I kept on creating these different ways of walking, talking, and being, losing myself further and further into my mind, all in the service of what I perceived what others would think about me.

Within that, I lost more friend than I had, because it was like I was bipolar, lol, where one day I would be this guy walking this way, then the next day, I would be that guy walking that way, because I would forget who I was around, out of the different people I would meet, I mean I had so many ways of walking/acting/being, it became hard to differentiate between and remember which way to walk and with who, it was like I was having an Identity crisis, but soon found that all I needed to be was me.

What I saw/realized/understood was that, not once had I ever directed myself, I had always been looking to please others, living the statement of; I aim to please, but what about me, where was I in this equation? No were to be found, so you see, even the simplest thing, such as the way you walk is important to take notice of, for the simple fact that, if we don’t notice what we do, how would we ever realize who we are and really change ourselves, correct ourselves in our day to day living? This is how

Learn how to walk one’s process starting HERE.

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3 Responses to Day 484: Walk This Way

  1. mijn reis naar leven says:

    “What I saw/realized/understood was that, not once had I ever directed myself, I had always been looking to please others, living the statement of; I aim to please, but what about me, where was I in this equation?”

    I can relate, still working on this point and change it in the moments I am aware of it. Taking care of myself, living the word CARE, HERE and FUN daily.

    Thanks for sharing.


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