Day 483: Maps

mapsHow did we become so lost? part ways from who we really are, we’ll even lose our way in the dark, walking around in our own homes, exchanging finding our way, for being stuck in our own ways. It amazes me how we find ourselves going down the same road every day, coming to the same intersection, then deciding on which way to go to get to the same place we know so well, our jobs, but if you’ll notice an interesting thing, every time you go home you’ll take a different route, which could mean that we’re tired of the monotony, being separated and segregated from each other, where you don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the track, a Map is good for that.

Submitting our direction to change, in hopes that the trip is worth taking with no hiccups, so we tell ourselves, be safe/be careful, being that we’re still allowing ourselves to be blind to the plight of the world (As I’ve heard) submitting to an authority figure to lead the way for us, because we believe we’re lost and for most part we allow ourselves to be, solution Google Maps.

Maps have been around forever, ever since we’ve been walking around aimlessly and needed a way to get from point A to point B, because for face bases, we couldn’t remember, I man I still use navigation to get back home from different places in my own town, so in essence, map are a good directive system, used and recommended by the masses.

Planning out ones day, can be seen as mapping out what you have to do, where you have to get to, go to and at what time, to be on time and make things work in your life, like having ways of doing things, like machine mapping, how to use it, we like our houses cleaned a certain way, so we map it out to our children or the house cleaners/maids for some and if it’s not done effectively, we reiterate the map to them (per se), stating that this goes here and that goes there, because if anything is out of place, we don’t feel right, I mean even hoarder have all their stuff mapped out exactly where they want it to be and know exactly where everything is and if you move something from where they had it mapped out to be, they’ll notice immediately faster than the common eye can see.

Point is and what we fail to see/realize and do is have a look at our own physical body, or minds, I mean same thing applies, if we can use maps to get through and from point A to point B in different fascists in our lives, why not map ourselves out, in a way from problem to solution, writing out what am I faced with that I react to, making a decision that would lead me down the wrong path in life, then say, I have lost my way, can someone help me please, I’ve realized that with a map of myself, I learn myself, get to know myself better, so when I’m stuck at an intersection, at a cross road in my life, I can go back and pull up the map of me and proceed accordingly, to my own mapped out design, direction of me, while navigating through my mind and in my world, in my relationships, when interaction with others or alone with myself seeing thoughts arise, come up within me, I’ll be able to move through them with ease, having a map of me as my guide.

I recently received a private personal interview from the portal through EQAFE, with a realization of not having ever just mapped myself out, I took heed and started mapping myself out, which for starter gave me an overview of how I have defined myself in my life up to this moment, when before I was just pulling/taking random points out of my mind and in going at it that way, I realized there was many things that I was still missing and would repeat the same patterns over and over and over again, which is draining to say the least, so now I am in the process of getting down to the nitty gritty of me, because with a clear map of me laid out in front of me, I’m able to get through the barriers I have placed for me to hide behind, to not see the obvious of what I’m facing as me, as I continue being a work in progress. So;

Thanks for reading.


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  2. yoganb says:

    I enjoy your words. Thank you for writing them.

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