Day 474: How Easy It Is to Be Spiteful Like You/Like Me

how-easy-it-is-to-be-spitefuil-like-youTurn the other cheek ‘yeah right’, I want to get even, because you made me feel a certain way when you did what you did, as one of the calling cards of Humanity, meaning, you pull my card, best believe Ima pull yours. Tit for Tat as a model to live by that we teach our children, at school if they hit you, then you hit them back and that’s how it all starts.

Good kid turns bully after a word of advice from their parents, is this the way it is, then grow up running people off the road, honking horns with no courtesy for the person next to you, then soon find how easy it is for someone else to be spiteful like you.

We claim what goes around comes around, but we want to be the initiators of justice, when all we have is just us, you as me as all, so in fact what we do onto others we’re doing it to ourselves, but don’t realize it until the same thing happens to us, then scream bloody murder.

A few examples of this is; what happens when you say Hi to someone and they give you the gas face, you then say in your mind; “well, fuck you then”, but the reaction is unwarranted, because it only affects you/us, where we then go around feeling grumpy the rest of the day, because it was so easy to be spiteful to them, like them, and now we’re paying for it. Not cool

What happens when someone cut in front of you in line (anywhere); we start fuming, with the back chat coming up of; who do they think they are, I was here first and become generally get mad at this person and want to get even, as the Tit for Tat syndrome that we’ve acquired growing up, sets in, so we bark at them, and if nothing happens, again we end up feel grumpy for the rest of the day, because it was so east to be spiteful to them, like them and now we’re paying for it. Still not cool.

So what brought this topic up was the other night I was driving in traffic and was coming up behind a truck and sped up a bit to get over and the car next to me, which was back a ways, begin speeding up to not let me over, so as we got closer the truck moved over into the another lane, making it so I didn’t have to get over and the car next to me then slowed down, as if they then realize they did that all for nothing, interesting how the first thing that came to mind was, how easy it is to be spiteful like you, where a picture came up within and as me of, doing the same thing to them, but at that moment, I saw the outcome, which consisted of creating consequences for myself and sort of patted myself on the back for not living in spite in that moment, but as a past tense, I see How easy it is to spite back when being spited and fairly hard to resist the temptation, and I had to apply my self-forgiveness in the moment for even entertaining the thought of wanting to show they what it felt like to be spited driving on the highway at night.

I resisted and was all the better for it and what I realize is that spite doesn’t have to be the premiere resolve to anything, because at the end of the day, you’ll experience the consequences for doing so yourself, I mean that person was placed there to show me what I had accepted and allowed myself to be throughout my life at times, and I saw myself in the situation and walked through it, giving me a cool realization to see myself and share, so for that I’m grateful for being able to walk process and see myself in things/situations and others, as I am still a work in progress, which for me all started HERE.

Thanks for reading.


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