Day 473: Hello is Anyone Listening (A Note to Self)

hello-is-anyone-listeningEven if broadcasted over a loud speaker throughout the world at full volume, would the message be heard or would we just keep on instant messaging our friends, asking what we’re doing tonight? Thing is most of us don’t have answers to the pressing questions that plagues humanity today, let alone don’t want to hear what’s really going on in humanity today, but would just follow suit in hopes of an outcome that is sustainable to our wellbeing, I mean we really do, do things out of fear. If you told someone that they’ll live forever, only thing you have to do is this, that and the other, a few would do it, but the rest wouldn’t because that, this that and the other involves extra work, which takes away from my play time, so fuck that.

Same thing, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, meaning the complacency and comfortability of having a one-track mind, deserves a one-track message, presented down one-track, with many different variations of saying the same thing, in order for it to have some form of effect on the common Joe, (you and me) or else it will not sink in. In one ear and right out the other, because there’s nothing to land on when going through a hollow tunnel of repetition, it’s like a race, a competition to see how dumb one can get before it’s too late. I mean there’s a Lot of fucking people in this world that’s stuck in their own ways, that could care less about what you’re saying, what anyone says for that matter, which shows that it takes time and will take more time for the masses to look at themselves in the mirror, I mean I’m still finding bits and pieces of myself scattered here and there and everywhere, meaning that I’m not even here 100% yet and have been walking process for about 3 years, just a pebble in the sand of time to what’s needed to be walked by everyone in humanity.

I often tell myself, is not the support you get from everything around you enough for me to realize that this shit is real, then ask myself, where were you before this, what kind of person were you before this, and if this hadn’t come along, what would you be doing, where would you be, would you still be alive or on the other side of the looking glass, beating yourself up about the mistakes you made that got you there, while wanting to be here?

Hello is anyone listening, as a note to self, as being one as all that can’t turn a deaf ear even if we tried, looking you right in the eye, while turned around. One voice yet not together, one ear that’s only hearing the voices in your head, but listening to everything everyone says, so hello is anyone listening? Yes, we’re all listening, but some choosing to hear what you’re saying, understanding that Patience is a virtue, as you’ve waited for me, I’ll do the same for you, if we all must and will make it, the solution is simple, as one giant step as humanity all together into Change, because my change and your change is not enough sense to change the world, but with all the loose change coming together is enough sense to commonly bring Heaven on Earth. There’s no such thing as going down on a losing team, if we’re all together.

Have you ever been in a position where you were talking to someone who picked up their phone and started using it, then you said are you listening to me and they didn’t say anything, until you said it again, then they said, “Oh I’m sorry what did you say”, of course they heard everything you said, but didn’t agree or couldn’t take what you said with how you said it, so they became busy for a moment, long enough for you to get past the point they didn’t want to hear, hoping that you would forget about what you’re talking about and hurry and move to the next thing, that’s when they’ll put their phone down as if they’re all of a sudden attentive to what you’re really saying, this is a trait that we as humanity have patent so spitefully in order to block/filter out what’s real and stick with the superficial and because the superficial suits our self-interest, we fake the part of having heard everything by saying, yeah you’re right, which is not the case.

We have become a society of the blind leading the blind, I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to see it, I just want to listen to Jazz and Classical music all day long, because it calms me and make my plants grow, while the rest of the world is being over thrown by the mind.

I see/realize/understand now that it won’t be/is not an easy task to get people to Hear what’s being said, because after they hear what you’re saying then you have to deal with the, my way syndrome, meaning I’ll take what you said but do it my way, which I have realized was one of my problem.

So, all and all what I realized is if things are not going the way you’ would like them to, as fast as you would like them go, put yourself in the position of being one without the ability to get past the brainwashing as quick as you did, then look at yourself in the mirror, as your beingness screams out; “Please wait for Me”, because I’m still a work in progress.

I sat down to write and this is what came out.

Thanks for reading

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