Day 470: Everything Around You

everything-around-youBelieve it or not is there to assist and support you, to understand who you are, to test you for reactions, to stop you from letting your attention be diverted, when you should be focusing on a specific thing, including the situations we enter become a test of patience, a way to see how you will respond to it, I mean this world is alive and aware, not only us human being, thinking that we’re the bliss of life, when in fact we’re the epidemy of Life, how we have become so lost in our minds, always saying sorry, I didn’t know, but no worries, you now have help from everything around you, if we but only become aware of and realize why, the reason things happen and/or not work out the way we want it to in the moment.

For example, a bird doesn’t chirp outside your window, without telling you something, a dog doesn’t come up and put its head on your knee without telling you some, a fly doesn’t buzz around your head without telling you something, a situation doesn’t arise without showing you something, your computer doesn’t “act up” or turn off without telling you something, your child doesn’t whine for no reason without telling and showing you something, because they lack the word to explain to you that you taught them this, you don’t feel pain in your body without your body telling/showing you something, you don’t have a dream without the dream showing you something and obviously the interpretation should be the realizations of our own introspection, but instead we think these few things is just by chance, when we are creating them to happen.

Think about this, have you ever pulled up a past memory and start reacting to it when no one was around, by getting angry or starting to feel disempowered about the situation that took place back then, then you see a big ass Bee start buzzing around in front of you, as if it was scanning you, that scared the shit out of you, that made you jump, duck, yell or scream, as you moved away from the area with lighting speed? If so did you notice one important thing? That the memory you had was gone and you snapped out of the reaction you were in and empowered yourself to move, meaning the bee did its job, as in one of everything around you assisting and supporting you to get out of your mind and come back Here. Another one is; Have you ever been driving down the highway in deep thought and heard a loud “Thik” sound as a rock hit your windshield, that jolted you internal, stopping you from being in your mind, but instead of taking responsibility for being in your mind, (when you should have been focusing on the road), you blame the truck in the right lane in front of you, saying fucking truck, when you should be saying thank you rock, that probably saved your life, as one of everything around you assisting and supporting you to get out of your mind and come back Here.

I mean we can go on for days with these little incidents of everything around you assisting and supporting you to come back Here, fact is that most of us would think this to be a paranormal event if you were told about it, shown it, then realized it on your own, I mean we would think it’s the work of demons, or that your house is haunted or that the Devil is trying to get you or something, truth is the devil is more life than we are, and if that’s the case and you think what you hear, see or realized is the devil, then be grateful because the devil is trying to assist you and support you to stop your fears, get out of your mind and come back HERE. Get it.

I never really paid attention to everything around me, from the perspective of it being aware, I as for most Human being in Humanity would look at things as Props, there for our pleasure and luxury, not for assistance, but for most part they are, just as a chair is there to assist and support you, a table, a spoon, a fork, Knifes and so on, as things we use for common assistance, but what I realized is that, situations that occur that involves some things, are there to assist and support as well, example, so the other day I was on a chat with my buddy and as we were chatting, I let my attention be diverted, to be distracted but for a moment, instead of focusing on the chat at which time my computer turned completely off, on it’s on, and instantly I knew exactly why it did that, as if it was telling me, Nope, Stop, get out of your mind come back Here and focus on the Chat, lol I then turned it back on and it was fine, so when my computer booted back up, I told my buddy about it, which opened up a few points and dimension, that we looked at in relation to this occurrence, which made the chat that much cooler.

What I took from this, what I realized, is that, what I used to call obstacles when things didn’t go or work right, was actually more of me becoming aware of everything around me being there, that have been there to assist/support me this whole time, but what it took for me to see this was/is self-introspection, where everytime I experience something amiss = to introspect, correct and change and sure enough once I see it and move into the corrective phase, things go back to normal (per se), but of course the tools of Self-Honesty, Self-Introspection, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application that’s needed as the immediacy for you to be able to see everything around you, as the way life should be. It’s a work in progress, as I am still walk my process. And That’s it

Thanks for reading.


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