Day 469: A Few Words About Suppression

suppressionThe thought that one gets, in thinking I feel like I’m going to die, when experiencing pain throughout one’s body, leads to going to the doctor and getting medication as an intern cure for the pain that suppresses the pain, is an excuse and justification to not have to face what one has conjured up in the brain as the mind, because we think too much about shit; we then feel like shit afterwards by inflicting pain onto our own bodies, from the shit we think, react to, become emotional about, then go into a mind possession, which leads to a body depression that compresses and restrict our air ways, because we forgot to breathe, I mean do you really think a thought can breathe for you?

Suck it in and hold it down Sub-Press-In, to our inner core that would soon built up, corrode and erupt, causing a flash point of pain to warn you what’s about to happen, if you keep this up, as your real defense mechanism defending the body at every cost, that we suppress to feel good now, but much worst later, but in the meantime, I need some weed to calm me down and I can’t stop, because it makes me feel so good.

Depending on the context of use, your prerogative to suppress an intense pain or to really see what’s going on
in this world and reality, the truth of things, truth is either way we have to face ourselves in every way to replace our way of thinking to handling, doing and accepting what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as Doctor/Pharmacist/Medicine = Suppression.

I’m not saying if you’re sick don’t go to the doctor, by all means it’s common sense to get the corrective medical attention that you need, that’s a given, but to suppress your mind from thinking is a different story, because your mind will come back stronger every time, just like going to sleep, hoping when you wake up your problem will just go away, it won’t, if you think it, same as if you create the problem you have to face it, and no amount of drugs and/or alcohol will suppress anything indefinitely, because once you release the nature of your suppression, it’ll come back tenfold.

Same as how we think we can take a secret to the grave with us, I mean I’m not going to tell nobody what you did/I did, it’s our secret and I’ll take it to the grave before I tell anyone, suppress it, hold it in, not realizing that you will inevitably have to face yourself for what you’ve held in, especially if it was life change/detrimental to the next person, where when the consequences arise all you can say is, I meant to say something, but didn’t, at which time it’ll be too late.

In comes the saying; “Don’t eat yourself up about it”, meaning as long as you are suppressing it, you’re thinking about it, and the more you think about it, the more your mind is gnawing at your flesh, which makes you old and wrinkly, with more back pain, neck pain, leg pain, thigh pain, shoulder pain, calf pain and head pain, because we’ve suppressed the Life right out of our Life and lived in a bubble this whole time and couldn’t breathe our way out of a wet paper bag (so to speak). I mean one should take this saying literally.

Back to Self; I was one to hold it all in, which only put me in a lot of pain, then blamed the pain on something outside of myself, like the food I ate/when the weather changed, and/or the way you made me feel, not realizing that the chemical imbalance I experienced was self-induced, by the thoughts I would think and the shit I would hold in, until I learned how to release myself from these thoughts memories and the mountain of things I’ve come to suppress over the years, through my Writing and Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application, as the changing factors for whenever I find myself suppressing anything within and as me and still today, I continue working on releasing myself from all my Suppressions, to be free from what has been bogging me down my entire life, to be able to see, be and live who I really am as life, so my suggestion is lose the suppression and you’ll began to see what you’ve been hiding from yourself as who you really are as life.

Thanks for reading.



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