Day 468: Control

controlAs a Consciousness Troll puppet you around on a string. One of the most profound stories of control (believe it or not) is the story of Pinocchio, a created puppet on a string made by a woodcraftsman name Geppetto, who controlled Pinocchio. To make a long story short, in the story one day the puppet (Pinocchio) became alive, then realized himself as a puppet when he saw other real children and wanted to become life, wanted to become a real boy and in order to do so, all he had to do was to stop lying, because everytime he lied, his nose would grow, after a while he stopped lying and became life, became a real boy and he stayed this way for a while, until he started lying again and turned back into a puppet, fascinating thing is this was a children’s story I learned growing up and really paid no attention to the underlying points in this story, the message that the story was trying to get across, until I became adult, Now.

The similarities is impeccable to how we live in this reality today, where we don’t realize how we are being a puppet on a string to the Mind Consciousness System Troll, controlling us, thinking that we are in Control of ourselves, while at the same time wanting to break the strings of Control that we do see in search for/of life, becoming a real boy, thing is we can’t stop lying, we can’t stop lying to ourselves, we can’t stop lying to one another, thinking that we’re different than each other, so our “nose grow”, meaning we create consequences for ourselves and other people in our world, which veil’s us from being able to see, we are the life we’re seek, and yes it do take us to stop lying and become life, to become a real man, a real woman, a real, boy, a real girl, as who we really are as Life.

But it’s like, we’ll take a step forward, then lie, turning us back into the puppet on the string (so to speak), I mean one of the most prolific lies there is = is lying to yourself and believing that you are in control of your own life, your own world and reality, your own family, your own friends, your partner, your mind, and as I read, believing that we have a free gift from God to be able to make up or minds. Obviously you can make-up your own mind because it’s not real. It’s just a make-up. You are making it up as you go along.

The control is so extensive that we don’t realize it and wouldn’t believe it if someone told us it. I mean I didn’t, I didn’t believe that I was being controlled, by anything (after I left my parents, left home). Being out on your own screams control, but I didn’t realize it, funny thing is, is that when people say don’t lose Control of yourself, as if we’re in Control of ourselves, but No we’re too busy thinking about other people in our world and trying to Control them, saying I know you, I know what you like and don’t like, then hold it over their heads, in the attempt to Control them and if it doesn’t work, we make-up some excuse for them to not be our friend any longer.

Is it hard to gain Control of yourself? I would say yes, it’s a process that I am currently walking to take Directive Control from my mind and direct myself, which starts with me taking self-responsibility for my actions, for all the lies I’ve told, thinking that I was in Control of my life, while all the why’ll (hypothetically speaking) my nose was growing, meaning I was creating more consequences for myself to face and walk through, in my search for life, to become a real Man and no longer be/live as De-Mann a (Demon).

So as I continue walking my process, I am slowly but surely stopping my mind and gaining Control of myself, no longer accepting and allowing the thoughts to come up without my permission, no longer reacting to things that I used to, letting go of my past and most importantly learning how to and practice my breathing, to become the breath of life that I breathe and life as who I really am as everything around me.

Thanks for reading.


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