Day 467: If the Tables Were Turned

if-the-tables-was-turnedWhat if it was you that fed the masses humanity with your flesh, what if it was you lying on the Forest floor with a 30 odd 6 bullet hole in your chest, waiting to be skinned, cut up and shoved in the deep freezer, then hacked limb by limb with a meat cleaver.

What if it was you with a shock collar on that’s tuned on every time you pissed in the wrong place, or what if it was you with a leash on getting yanked by the neck until you obeyed. Sit down, lay down, roll over, play dead, what if for Sport we had to fight each other and do what the animals said.

What if it was you sitting in a 4×4 cage from birth till death, then choked by the neck until your last breath, gutted and stuffed with bread crumbs, so the flavor would come out, I mean what is this really all about, would you still run around if your head was cut off too, I guess it would be hard if your legs was used for chicken soup or chicken curry or chicken stew, I mean do you at least thank the chicken for nourishing you?

What if there were Human Control, instead of Animal Control trucks, driving around looking to pick stray Human being up, then taken them to the pound and put up for adoption and unless you’re cute enough you have no options, but to be discarded thrown away with the rest of the trash, I mean how long do you think this catastrophe will last?

What if it was you and a bunch of friend in the ocean swimming in droves, then rounded up and directed to swim through a cubby hole, then trapped inside and slaughtered like Dolphin in The Cove, a story that over half the world don’t even know, “Oh”, but we’re too busy trying to save our soul, if it was your ass on the line, tell me how would it go, but don’t tell me let me guess, hmm everybody would know, it’s a shame to say the least how we’ll just say “So” , it’s not my problem, I ain’t got to deal with it, what if it was you that really had to live in it, I mean you’re living in it, the evil that Mankind brings, the machine that drudge the oceans, oh what a devious thing.

What if it was you being hit by a fly swatter just for flying around, just for being in the wrong air space, I mean how does that sound or what if everyone thought that you carried a disease, then killed you because you got too close to the meat. It’s not a pretty picture for you to see, can you believe that flies have lives too, just like you and me?

What if it was you waiting in line to get your neck cut, as you watch all your friends go one by one, then it’s your turn and the only thing you can say is moo, meaning please sir not this way what’s wrong with you, but they don’t understand a word that you said, I guess this is the way that we’ve been born and bred, in the service of money, money, money, money, money, as in me moaning for the simple fact that shit ain’t funny.

If the tables were turned, would you then understand, the brutality, corruption and destruction that we have caused as man, or is it our plan to annihilate everything once again, even ourselves I mean where do you stand.

We can really change this if we but have a look at what we’re doing, is it really worth it, the things that we’ve ruined, all the lives that’s been lost, in the name of lowering our cost, while making more profit, I mean it’s far past the point that we need to stop it, but we need to stop it, just think what if it was you, and by all means I can’t tell you what to do, but the future is soon and after a why we’ll be all gone, so ask yourself is this the legacy you want to leave for your children to carry on? Stop Killing Me.

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