Day 465: Human Idealism (A different perspective)

human-idealismWhy is it that we think that we can and will survive, by fighting each other at every turn about ways and means of survival, who should survive, whose fit to live and who should die? It’s like a sprint to the apocalypse, while calling it the survival of the fittest, I mean in 100 years, none of us who is here will be here, unless drastic changes are made in the way we think, that way we view things. In the midst of it all, there is one saying that remains true, that is together we stand and divided we fall, question is, who is the We in it all, I mean who are we with our big ideals to make the world a better place, but won’t agree with our fellow man in finding solutions to do so, because when a real solution comes about, we make the world think that it’s not real, simply because we didn’t come up with it.

These days the philosophy of Human idealism (as we have made it to be) is any of various systems of thought in which the object of knowledge are held to be in some way dependent on the activity of mind, only thing is, that some things that are innately real is misconstrued as Idealism and thus not realized or sought after by the masses and the things that are destructive in nature, to nature, to life and every living thing and Human being on this planet, are construed as plausible and acts of realism, which can’t be any further from the truth than it is, I mean just look at history, it’ll tell you something different, that we haven’t learned from our own mistakes, so are they really mistakes, or a cleverly devised plan, to wipe ourselves out, without realizing that we’re doing so?

Thing is, just simply stopping everything won’t fix the problem, as we’ve been looking for the problem out there in the wrong place, blaming one another as it’s your fault, no it’s your fault, then kill each other until the last one, group, societies left standing, you and your people, me and my people, talking about we will survive, but as separate people, Really, when we’re all one people as the human race, Human being, but yet and still the same problem still persist, until we’re all dead and gone and come back and the problem will still be there, like W.T.F.

Brainwashing and engraining destruction into someone’s mind is not a solution, is not a way of persuading someone to stop what they’re doing, or else this and that will happen, in the long run it only creates more fear and more fear and more fear into people’s minds, causing Humanity to be further displaced than we already are, with mixed emotions, beliefs and know how to do things for what’s really going on, but won’t share it with the rest of humanity, because we’re too afraid of being destroyed for our Ideals, so we keep it to ourselves, instead of making them reality.

Here’s one for you, why is it that we put our whole Hearts, Feelings and Emotions behind the Ideals we see in movies and on TV, like the other day I was at the movies watching one of the New releases that recently came out, with the classic action movie theme, the good guys Vs the bad guys, but what was more interesting than the movie itself, was the Emotional driven reaction of the people in the audience, where at a climactic scene, everyone would catch their breaths, inhaling dramatically, which was fascinating, because this the first time I’ve ever really noticed it, then when the good guy got the bad guy, everyone would exhale and started clapping, I mean for real, like wow, they’re really into this movie, I mean goes to show how we latch onto any ideal (of perpetuating separation) that suits our self-interest instead of the interest of all, Human Idealism, where we think, if it’s only a few of us, it’ll be easier to Manage/Control or Emotions, if that was the case, Noah and his Ark would have changes the world.

But again no one wants to understand of the problem and the simple solution to solve it. Human Idealism comes from our Human Nature, the Nature we have to spite each other when we see other people getting along, as simple as that, which is triggered by a thought telling us that we’re not invited, just as simple as that, then we start to believe it and tell others that God told us that these people are bad and should be dealt with, Like What, which simply shows that our God is the Mind, that gives us a feeling that we follow as an Emotion, where we then have a hunch, then blindly following this hunch commanded by the voices in our head and then saying Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Hallelujah and Thank you Jesus. Insanity is; The Human Idealism of a belief system in search of a higher standard of Living.

The solution resides within ourselves, within stopping our minds, seeing/realizing/understanding that it’s no one’s fault but our own and it is time for us to stand up and take responsibility for our assumptive nature, hidden blame and accusatory mentality, to stop the perpetuation of Human Idealism and get Real, to get to the point of change within ourselves, then this world will change, by our own hand, where we can create Heaven on Earth. For that;

There’s this interesting place you can go Online to learn how this is possible, how you can stop your Mind and learn who you really are and how to change yourself, called DIP Lite, which is a Free Course to Self-Awareness, it’s what I’ve done and it has made a tremendous difference in my life, where I’m now walking a process from Consciousness to Awareness and glad that I’m doing so, click HERE to learn more.

Thanks for reading.


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