Day 464: Common Sharing

common-sharingThey say sharing is caring, but if you have to say that you share because you care, then is it really sharing at all, or some karmic experience you hope to achieve when giving things to others. We claim that we do things out of the goodness of our heart, but if you didn’t have a heart, would you give unto others as you would like to receive unconditionally, equally? So why do we do it at all, if at the end of the day there is no reward attached to it? For some it’s the hope of being accepted in heaven, as having done my good deed for today, but what about tomorrow and the next day, do you really think that by doing one (1) good deed a day will stop you for having to face the consequences for a lifetime of corruption, self-interruption, because to the core we’re spiteful, we don’t commonly share with the next person we see in need, and if we just so happen to, we don’t want other to see us doing it, I mean why is it that, when others are around we say things like; “What are you looking at” or “What do you need it for”, as if they say one wrong thing or make one wrong move, You’re going to leave them standing there starving, and if you decide to and do help them out, they say the only thing they know; “God Bless you”, really, how sad is that, this shows the extent of brainwashing and how lost we are, while being the very solution we’re looking for, that we’re seeking to stop this mayhem that we’ve perpetuated as a life worth living on this planet, while destroying all seeds to a brighter future in the process.

What can you learn from a bum, the have nots, those that have vested a considerable amount of time throughout (if not all) their life, looking for scraps, going through garbage cans, needing and wanting help and when they get it, they’re extremely grateful, (in most cases). That they commonly share more than those of us that have, I mean I wasn’t raised with a silver spoon in my mouth, so I know what it means to have not, to go without, but one thing I haven’t lost is the sense of is common sharing what I have.

What brought this title up was, when driving throughout my day at times I see this bum in the same place sitting on the sidewalk almost everytime I pass this place, and just so happens everytime he would to be eating something, this time he was eating a sandwich and feeding a small flock of pigeons at the same time and it came to me, that this guy has nothing, but sharing the last of what he has unconditionally with these pigeons, I mean I know we’ve all probably seen this or something like this before, but what then dawned on me, is how he’s always eating something when I pass, which I then had a cool realization, because of how I see him sharing the last that he have, (each time) unconditionally with the pigeons = that’s what brings him more, so every time I see him, he’s eating and sharing with the pigeons and thus not starving.

The same thing can apply in a world of plenty, where if we’d only but look at the examples right in front of us, that if we give to all (Common Sharing), unconditionally, we would always have and thus not want for anything or fear losing anything, because everyone would have and Commonly Share as well with their fellow man, because someone shared with them. Seem hard but if you stop and look at the guy sharing his last with the pigeon for a second, you’ll see that it can and will work, thing is, to “Do unto others as you would like to be done unto” and to “Give as you would like to receive” unconditionally then you’ll see what you create. But it all starts with you/me and Common Sharing

Thanks for reading.


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