Day 460: Friends

friendsWhat is it that you can say to someone, who confide in you that they will act a certain way when faced with an upcoming situation, before going into a mind possession, then end up regretting the decision they made to do what they did after the fact? Friends. You know how you want to tell someone what they’re attempting to do is wrong, so bad and give them advise by saying, “if I was you, I would…”, because you’ve seen the light and/or have walked through the point they’re facing before, but if you do, will upset or change the outcome in some way, where you’ve stopped them from having their own realization as to what their actions portrayed.

In the past, one would have agreed upon the course of action that was taken to be justified in a way of a lesson being learned, as if I was placed in that situation to be a witness to such self to self-diminishing abuse. Taking the high road to saying nothing substantial to assist a friend obviously in need, but would rather agree and find yourself as fault, because you didn’t at least attempt to give advice worth listening to.

What make a friend and keep friends together these days, is but a string of lies attached to one another, because they agree to disagree to see things eye to eye, not stepping on each other’s toes and accepting what the other do and say in their own world, that’s why we are so compatible! The blind leading the blind purposefully, to not have to face themselves for their own actions, but able to confide (which is hide) in/behind the validation received from a likeminded individual. That’s not a real friendship, nor a real friend.

When one is able to standup to, assist/support and give advice to another, that they don’t want to hear in the moment, won’t hear in the moment, but fully understand what you’re saying, although what they might end up doing is on them, is when you can say that you’ve been a true friend to someone, but that’s not it, because one still have to be there for them, to walk through the rest of the point, depending on what was done as a result to, within the situation, either way a true friend will give a common sense perspective..

Next point is, what happens when your advice is pushed aside by an uncontrollable Mind Possession, being that your friend hasn’t the slightest idea of what a mind possession is, let alone how the mind works, in fact doing the total opposite of what was spoken between you two, because in the heat of the moment, one faced a loss of words, which caused one to lost it, as the temperate grew stronger and stronger and the urge to resist became less, to the point of inevitable conflict?

That’s when you must listen to them unconditionally and chose your words wisely, without committing the spiteful act of saying, I told you so, what do one say to what’s being said – not to say you should have or shouldn’t have done this or that, because in a way that’s insinuating blame and does more harm than good, so to speak, but what I’ve found, when listening to them explain what happen, is that I went back into my life to see where I had faced the same or similar point and how I walked through it, so instead I started with; “You know for me” and “I remember when I..”, in bringing it back to self, without any judgment, which was well receive and understood, reflected upon, then realized that one’s actions was unwarranted and unacceptable, which opens the door to being able to take corrective action and what to do, if and when a similar situation arise.

This was the first time I was ever faced with such a situation, being who I am now, meaning the way I view things, my perspective on things and my resolve to oneness and equality, that by listening, not jumping to conclusion or wanting to jump in as if had all the answer, but remaining stable and Here, I was able to shed light on the situation, so that one could see things a bit more clearly, by bringing it back to self, although I am a process in progress, that was cool cross reference, for seeing where I have come from then to now, and for that I am grateful to have been able to start HERE then go HERE, in Learning myself and in the process Learn about Effective Relationships.

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