Day 459: Taking A Walk In The Mind

walking-around-in-the-mind“Can somebody please point me in the right direction?” The most thought about but seldom sought out question one could ask, should ask, but pass to chance, going down the lonely but exciting road of ignorance. It’s bliss in the moment, the secret nothing whispering in your mind telling you everything is going to be alright, just keep doing what you’re doing, “I’m here for you”, don’t worry you’re not alone, let me figure it out for you.

The attitude one get, when someone says; “Figure it out for yourself, I did”, I mean what’s the secret, what’s the conclusion, I wasn’t put in the position you were with the extra helping hand you received, I’m just not seeing things the way you are, I mean I’m tired of taking a walk in the mind.

It’s not that hard to be pointed in the right direction, when there’s only one true North, but of course we have misunderstandings and misconceptions on how to figure it out, then lead ourselves into a misdirection, finding ourselves back at square one at every turn, because I’m too scared to ask questions, being that we’re too busy taking a walk in the mind.

Fuck it, I’ll figure it out on my own, was word’s I hated to say, but these same words nowadays, have made me change in a way, being that I know now what to figure, accepting what I have allowed, I stop walking around in my mind so much and wanted to stay Here on the ground, what I had to realize is that;

Why is it we let our minds complicate things to no end, I mean just thinking of something to say is hard enough when you don’t have the vocabulary to express what you really want to get across, making things too complex to comprehend, missing the simplicity in it all. This is the problem that we all have faced at one point or another within our life, whether a math problem or a book we read and couldn’t understand, even what someone has said, we interpret things differently than the way they are presented and with little to no knowledge on the subject matter, we step into our minds and walk around, try and make sense of it all.

It takes time and practice to see things from a different perspective and with an open mind, to say the least,
I mean when you’ve only known one way of looking at things your entire life, something new, although you may grasp onto it, still takes time to simplify in your mind, to see things for what they really are, I guess that’s why I write so much to get out all the riff raff, to get to the simplicity of words and the meaning, definitions and to redefine them as my way of figuring I out, but once I reach the point of simplicity it will be that nothing else of complexity will exist within me, so however long it takes, I will keep writing and keep on applying self-forgiveness until I stand one and equal with the word simplicity as who I am, to be able to express myself with clarity, as I continue to figure It out, and instead of walking around in my mind, focus more on walking my process.

Thanks for reading.


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