Day 457: Triggers

triggersLet me paint you a picture. The bullet of a Gun travels through a chamber headed for its intended target, triggered by a firing pin that’s released by the Triggering Mechanism, pulled by a finger after the hammer is cocked back by a thumb, triggered by a reaction coming from a feeling and/or emotion that’s triggered by a thought presented by the mind after seeing or hearing something from someone or something in your world and reality, where you then say; “I Got U Now”. (GUN)

Obviously throughout that process, if slowed down you’ll see that, between each point one has the chance to correct oneself before the end result is tallied, but when sped up in real time it all seems to happen in the blink of an eye, like a doctor hitting the funny bone on your knee causing an uncontrollable reaction of your leg jumping, but tis not the case when it comes to the mind, being that the mind is mine, meaning you decide what your Triggers are and if any, you’ll notice a peculiar thing, you are not directing yourself, but being controlled by your mind.

A fist or word can emulate abuse (As the bullet of a gun) headed for its intended target, triggered by a reaction after assuming the intentions of another being and/or by the self you have created yourself to be, triggered by a probable list of emotions such as fear, embarrassment, jealousy, anger, frustration, envy and so on, after you’ve seen a self-create picture in your mind that appeared out of nowhere, from following a thought around in your head, before coming to a consensus that, I can’t explain what’s going on.

“The devil made me do it”, is but an abdication of self-responsibility and excuse, used as a trigger, then validated through prayer, that “He” comes to Kill, Steal and Destroy, which in fact is you Killing any chance you had at becoming Life, You Stealing the flesh off your bones (courtesy of the mind) and Destroying, taking down the whole of humanity and existence with you, because our inherent human nature is that of spite, being the creation of Triggers

Peer pressure, porn the words pussy and dick, advertisements of alcohol so sleek and slick, the way a person looks, the idea of having a good time, is but a few triggers that comes up in our minds, socially interacting with those of us who do drug, with those of us who gossip, spreading the gospel with love, I saw a movie on TV and wanted to be like that actor, which triggered me to react and act like that actor, overlooking the factor of consequences to come, I saw a commercial about Jamaica and wanted to drink Rum, with no real understanding of what triggers our responses, so in hopes for something greater we sit around in séance.

Being the person you want to be is capsuling to say the lease, because we believe that it’s our Triggers not allowing us to be free, but to the contrary my friend, it’s not the triggers that’s the problem, but us with in ourselves as the solution that can resolve it, dissolve this way of thinking and responding to things, in separation from ourselves living a dream, so reverting back to the bullet climbing through the chamber of a Gun, when will we stop killing ourselves just for fun? Got U Now.

Learn what your triggers are and how to stop them, starting HERE.

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