Day 456: Waiting to Exhale

waiting-to-exhaleIn strenuous situations why is it that we hold our breath, until the initial shock is over then we Exhale, having to catchup on the breaths we missed, causing our hearts to start racing at a fast pace in that moment in time, where we’re waiting to Exhale at the drop of a dime.

Realizing your breath is not an easy task to do, being that for the longest we haven’t realized me as you, or you as me, we both do breathe, but without any awareness which creates Dis-ease, discomfort within ourselves we hyperventilate to say the least and have asthma attacks while falling to our knees, for most it’s too hard to see, but when seeing only a few can tell, that instead of realizing our breaths, we’ve been waiting to exhale.

Exhale, Exhale, Exhale, Exit Hell, Exiting Hell is hard to achieve, when you’re stuck in hell you wouldn’t believe, that in hell we have the chance to Inhale the breath of Life, we have the chance to make all our wrongs right, in spite we slowly divide, then run away and try to hide, holding our breath to not make a sound, down in the basement underground, sought out by tornados and earthquakes to face ourselves, all in one moment while waiting to Exhale.

Stop for a moment and breathe you’re in hell, then hold it in for 4 counts as the truth is revealed, the truth of who you are between the in breath and the out, then Exhale as the release will show what you have accepted and allowed, yourself to be/have become in your world on this earth, since coming out your mother’s womb during the dawn of birth, it hurts when you know someone that has taken their last breath and no church is going to save you with the time you have left, what works is to stop waiting and Exhale on your own, because we as humanity have been waiting for so long.

As a child, in fear I saw things that’s really wasn’t there, so I held my breath in anticipation, because I was too scared, to move anywhere until I closed my eyes and cover my ears, in a dark hallway in our house while running up the stairs, when I got to the top of the stairs, that’s when I would then Exhale, hoping that someday I could break this spell, I mean I was tired of being scared for nothing huffing and puffing out of breath, if I only knew how the hell I got myself into this mess.

“That’s it I done had enough” was not enough for me to realize to just breathe, not understanding this at times made me dizzy, I get mad I’d hold my breath, I push something, I’ll hold my breath, I’ll pull something, I’ll hold my breath, until I had no energy left, when all I had to do was breath through every point in every moment with breath.

So you see waiting to Exhale only gives you a headache, like waiting to eat at a dinner table with no food on your plate, but it’s not too late all you have to do is relieve, relieve yourself from all the shit you got hidden up your sleeve, by applying self-forgiveness and learning how to breathe and remember you can’t Exit Hell without taking self-responsibility.

Thanks for reading.

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