Day 455: It’s Not the Same as Before

not-the-same-as-beforeThere’s this old Gospel song we used to sing at the Church I went to growing up, with lyrics that goes; “Things I used to do, I don’t do no more”, I mean obviously, back then it was rather confusing, because what I thought I shouldn’t do, I saw others do and get away with it, plus being raised a certain way, there weren’t too many things I could do/did do outside the bounds of this religious establishment, making this song a projection of sort for whenever I went “Out into the World” and did these things on my own, that would validate this song, make it worth singing if I would ever overcome these “Things” per se. Lol

Well, a lot of things I did and even more, the way I thought, what excited me, made me happy and sad, I mean, there is a level of excitement in not knowing what’s to come, in search of the truth, where one could say that it is quite intriguing to say the least, wondering if the worlds going to end, the energy rush you get when you almost get caught doing something against the norm, against the status quote, the rush one get when participating in body jolting events i.e. skydiving, speed racing, going to amusement parks, sightseeing, I mean whatever excites you since you were a kid, the good old fun you had and want to relive again and again and again, over and over and over again, the party life, hanging out till 3, 4, 5, 6 o clock in the morning or staying up 2 Days in a row, it’s not the same as before.

One would say, when you get older you lose interest in most of these thing, which in a way is true for most part, but on the other hand, at times we still do participate in some things that used to excite us, that loses its excitement when becoming aware of its purpose, for example I never been to Disneyland, but when I went recently the most exciting part was me having an online chat with a few friends from around the world, while being inside the park, but don’t get me wrong afterwards I still enjoyed myself, but the mind blowing, jaw dropping, Awe-ness wasn’t there, as when thinking about the idea of going when I was a kid. It’s not the same as before. Same thing applies, the other day I went to the LA County Fair and it’s fair to say that I enjoyed myself, but saw it for what it was, meaning I understand why we are so drawn to events like these, because we fail to see the much more of ourselves that we are and can be, because we’re too busy working to survive and surviving just to work, just to eat and call that normal.

It’s not the same as before, when I sat ideally by with the idea of doing nothing, it’s not the same as before, when I would go to sleep and wake up at any given time the day/afternoon/night, then go back to sleep, it’s not the same as before, when I didn’t want to take responsibility for anything, I mean life is already fucked up, it’s not the same as before, when I sat around all day playing video game, it’s not the same as before, when I use to react to any and everything someone said to me, taking it personally, it’s not the same as before, when I used to compromised myself for an energetic experience, it’s not the same as before, because I’ve decided to stand up before it’s too late for remorse, before it’s too late to still walk outside your door and breathe in the breath of life, before it’s too late to save humanity from itself, me and you, each one of us have to take a stand and no longer accept and allow things to continue to go on as it did before and still do, I mean times are changing and so can you, so when it’s all said and done and we look back, we can honestly say that it’s not the same as before, but in fact have changed, as we experience Heaven on Earth.

Learn how to change yourself from before, HERE.

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