Day 450: I Just Don’t Like You

i-just-dont-like-youWhat is this feeling inside us that makes us believe that we don’t like someone, for the simple fact that they’re new or see someone for the first time, too many times? I’m serious this is crazy, where the new person who comes around a family, a group of friends, a new hire at your job or someone new to the group, gets shunned in a way, I mean this could be an unconscious reaction on the part of those that’s been around forever, where it has become natural to be a bit hesitant in accepting this person as one of us, now obviously the ways, morals, principles and understanding of the diversities (Things that goes on) in the family, group of friend, at a job, or in the group, should be known and followed, and of course it take time to get to know someone and become comfortable around them as well, which in some cases is up for question in itself.

No new friend, we say, because I’m comfortable around the people I know and don’t want to explain who I am, what I do and the type of person I am all over again, I mean I’ve done this so many times already – is the separation we perpetuate, towards someone new, so we say I just don’t like you.

Another thing I see is jealousy, something simple as thinking you’re not going to be the center of attention any longer, so whoever we presume taking our spot, we just don’t like them’ and will do everything in our power to find something out of place about them, then share it with everyone else, hoping that someone picks up on it and have our back, and not like them as well, to get them gone. In a family setting, what I’ve seen when someone brings home a friend, is petty as; “I told them not to use my soap, but they used it anyway” and so on and so forth. In a group of friend or on the job, it might be something else, but;

What I do know is that we’re all here together on this planet and everyone is looking for something, a place to belong, something/someone to believe in, so we go into relationships, friendships, find groups to belong to, searching for a sense of belonging, because without that we become emotional basket cases, so when we do find someone/something to connect to, we gravitate towards it, calling it our own and any new person that comes in to what we have, we view as a threat to our sense of belonging (among other things), but is not the case, we should void them the same opportunity that we were given to find their way, get their footing, ground themselves, become stable, because without these little connections, these chances at finding out who we are, were we come from, what we’re doing here and where to go from here, humanity doesn’t stand a chance on its own, we’re all doomed individuals walking around like chickens with our heads cut off, because we’ve cut off everyone in our life and secluded ourselves, our families, our groups somewhere over there in the corner by ourselves, away from ourselves, thinking that we have the only answer in what we believe, tuning out the rest of the world until we all leave.

So in essence the words “I just don’t like you in itself” is a death sentence to yourself, because whenever you speak them, think them in your mind, you’re sabotaging your own existence, because you are disregarding one vital piece of yourself as someone else, that may be a key to unlocking who you really are, lifting the veil for a moment showing you your true nature, so that you may become who you really are as life, no more suffering, surviving just to eat, coming together as the whole of humanity, to create Heaven HERE on Earth. And if you’re one to take that away from me, then; “I Just Don’t Like You”.

Thanks for reading.


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