Day 448: You’re Weird

youre-weirdWhy is it that when a person has been living doing things a certain way all their life, then decide to do things different, we classify them as weird, from the perspective of having new viewpoints, looking at things differently, stating the obvious, talking about real issues and not responding to the gossip columns walking around as human being, as they once did?

I mean is it so weird to tell the truth, is it so weird to see things the way they are – to take responsibility for things being the way they are? This is not a point separation, but a point of revelation, this is not a point of condiment, but a point of commitment, that one has made with themselves, remember the time you once said that you would be friends with a person no matter what they do or who they are or have become? What dictated this commonality between you and this person, was it really anything of substance, outside of we’ve had a lot of fun together and although this changed person (per se) don’t view fun the same way that you both used to, doesn’t mean that they have cut you out of their life, nor judged you for what you still do, so what’s the real cause for saying; “You’re Weird”?

It’s fear, we fear the unknown, the un-talked about, the unseen and a lot of what we hear, giving threat to one another hoping to get our way, but that’s not Weird, that’s just the way things is, using our God power to crush the next human being. Weird that we think this way, not realizing that we’re not the one’s really thinking for ourselves, because we’ve abdicated our power and control over to the mind, that in fact tells us what to think, who to be, what/who to like and who to call Weird. Test it out for yourself, why is it that when we see another person the first thing we do is look at “Em”, instead of saying that’s me?

We rarely to none ask questions, afraid of what the answer might bring, not the answer in itself, but the answer of you telling yourself that you have to change, but you don’t want to hear that, so any person, friend or family member, that doesn’t do and/or believe in the things they once did, or that you guys did, = You’re Weird.

It’s interesting how, it’s weird to some, if you don’t have a beer after work. It’s interesting how it’s weird to some, if you don’t go to church at least once a week and call Jesus Christ you’re lord and savior. It’s interesting how, it’s weird to some when you don’t sleep 8, 9, 10 hours a night: “You mean to tell me you get up at 5am in the morning’, “You’re Weird”. It’s interesting how it’s weird to some, that you don’t react to a girl walking by in biker shorts with a nice ass like you used to, I mean “Man did you see that”, “yes”, “She’s beautiful”, “Ok” = “You’re Weird”. It’s interesting how, it’s weird to some, that you don’t return the favor, when they’re yelling at you, but calmly direct the situation to the best possible outcome = “You’re Weird”.

What’s fascinating is that, it’s totally normal to go to war with each other, killing innocent people, and claim that they deserved it. What’s fascinating is that it’s totally acceptable to let around 2/3rd of the world’s population starve, go hungry and die, with plenty of food in this world to feed every inhabitant within it, for generations to come. What’s really fascinating is when you Beat your child for nothing, because they didn’t listen to you, then claim that’s something, when you should investigate yourself instead. Isn’t that weird?

I mean this could go on for days, but what’s the point, if I’m being weird, accepted or not accepted, what’s weird today, will be the in thing tomorrow, as the old shall pass away, making way for the New Who, What and Why you really are as Life. So investigate what you think, believe and would call weird, HERE, to find out how to stop your fears.

Thanks for reading.


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