Day 447: Plan/Plans/Planning (continued)

Previously on Plan/Plans/Planning:

Don’t just plan to change, change your plan to doing that which is best for all life.

continuepLAN-PLANS-PLANNINGI previously showed how we’ve perpetuated Plan/Plans/Planning on a negative level, in spiteful ways that I have seen throughout my life and in some ways have participated in, but not all Plan/Plans/Planning is bad and this is where scheduling comes into play, something that I am slowly but surely doing more of, which I see works in most cases.

What I failed to see/realize/understand throughout my life, is that planning is an essential part of our existence and in my world (growing up) where we only made plans if it had something to do with a church function, school field trip, or on a very rare occasion, family vacation, everything else seemed like a routine, a scheduled routine, as something that had to be done. And all the times I wanted to do things like make plans to do something with a school friend, or any school functions (prior to my senior year), it wasn’t happening, so I was used to being told No and thus became partial to Plans/Planning.

I mean although I’ve heard it a million time throughout my childhood, I wasn’t really asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, all I knew was that I wanted to explore the world, but didn’t know how to plan for it, because when everything is laid out for you, what is there to plan and given the way I was raised, there were only so many options we had to do things, like go to college, join the military or stay at home and work, so the plan I formulated was to leave home and not come back for a Looooong time and that’s what I did, in essence this was a good plan, because the outcome to this plan is me now writing my Journey to life Blog and walking my process.

In walking my Journey to life process, I’ve realized that my life has to have structure to it, which calls for an effective Plan/Plans and/or Proper Planning, so but what I had to do was to take responsibility for all the negative plans I have perpetuated onto/towards others in my life, as my own spiteful behavior, being directed and controlled by every thought/feeling/emotion outside myself. This was and still is a process, meaning I’m still in the process of re-structuring my life, as I plan on really living life for the first time in my life as who I really am as life, and all this takes Proper Planning, so for this, Self-Forgiveness was and still is needed in order for me to live out/complete this plan and so I am continuing to walk my process as the Planned commitment I’ve made for myself, I will no longer accept and allow myself to just say; ”I’m planning on it”, but to actually do what I plan on.

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