Day 446: Plan/Plans/Planning

pLAN-PLANS-PLANNINGThey say that piss poor planning makes for poor performance, which in some cases is true in relation to business, on the other hand we commonly say things like; “I have a plan”, a divisible way of getting back at someone, retribution, revenge among the many negative aspects that comes with the word plan. In the sense of deceiving someone, person, company or business to take what they have, we devise plans, on a positive note, we plan for the future, (looking out for our own self-interest and that of our immediate family only), we make plans to go on vacation and/or to have a good/fun time, because life is not good or fun, so we believe that we have to make plans to have it.

We forget almost everything we say that we will or want to do and then say; “I was planning on doing/saying…” but just never got around to it, (and this is where the excuse come in) “I’ve been really busy, and haven’t had time to do it, but I was planning on getting it done here sometime soon”. Everything to us is a justifiable excuse, so why not make the word “Plan” one of them.

I got plans/I plan on making it Big someday, don’t believe me just watch, I mean we all do, thanks to the tell-me-a-vision (television) and media, which presence to us the American Dream on a silver platter, obtainable to everyone, but don’t tell you that you have to know somebody that knows someone, who’s cousin knows a guy who can get you in, but you have to do this that and the other (compromising everything you believe in) in order for you to get the hookup, or simply be born rich.

I mean we plan to wake up in the morning at a certain time, but most of the time don’t want to, so we’ve devised and alarm clock to carry out our plans. We plan to clean our house, but never get around to it, so we hire a maid to do it for us/carrying out our plans (not to say that there is something wrong with it, because it still is a job and everybody got to eat somehow). We plan to make money, but it doesn’t always work out the way we plan. We plan to save money, but things keep coming up that we have pay for. We plan out our lives according to what we were given, but is this really OUR life’s plan or have it all just been a preprogrammed Plan? In this day and age, if the future can be fore told, that shows that preprogramming exists and if so, have we ever really made any plans at all or have we been following a preprogrammed design, thinking that we Planned it.

I mean the evidence is right in front of us, first off how are we able to predict things. Predicting is putting yourself in a predicament when looking at the past, the predicament being we then want to re-live what we see, by adding in a few altercations, claiming that the future is bright, because we’ve found a way to do exactly what we did back then, but better. Common sense says, no matter what you do differently this time, when repeating that which we’ve done in the past, the outcome will still be the same, but worst, because we never stop doing the same thing, which in essence shows how we’re able to predict and also a level of our preprogramming, which we obviously planned.

If we look at things in a plain and simple way, we would then see that the only way out of this greatly devised plan (that we’ve gotten ourselves into) is to stop planning and take responsibility for what we’ve planned thus far in this world to be, that have become this way, starting with ourselves, our words, what we speak, what we’ve devise, our sketchy ideas, turning our plans inside out and re-creating ourselves from the inside out, to experiencing real inner peace and Heaven on Earth in a world that is best for all life, all leading to;

Don’t just plan to change, change your plan to doing that which is best for all life.

To be continued:


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