Day 445: Nowhere

nowhereWhen I was young my mother used to tell me; “You ain’t going Nowhere until you do this that and the other, I would then rush around trying to complete all the task I was given, so I could get out of there and go explore the world, on my block, I mean anything beats being stuck somewhere with Nowhere to go, I thought I was somebody and had to be somewhere, but didn’t know where, until I got there and when I would get there, most of the time, I wouldn’t want to be there, but would only realize it when I was there, wishing I was elsewhere.

Come here some would say, as if there’s the place to be, but with no ability to get there, you have to stay where you are, but we’re still not Here. I’ve travelled around the world from Tokyo, Japan to the Middle East and still haven’t got to Nowhere. I’ve exhausted a lot of energy, trying to obtain something out there, which only brought me physical pain in here.

In school they teach us History, claiming that History repeats itself, well obviously because we’re being brainwashed into Storing His Memory inside our chest, making it our own, that’s why we can’t get to Nowhere, because we’re always re-living the past in the present, which creates tomorrow from yesterday, making the future just a few tour shy from having been everywhere, so unless you’ve been everywhere, you haven’t been Nowhere.

We make being Nowhere like a form of bondage (so to speak), saying you’re still wet behind the ears, because you haven’t been anywhere, that’s why kids nowadays are everywhere, but have Nowhere to go, prime example you’ll get somewhere playing Poke Man Go, then when you get there, you’ll find that you still haven’t got Nowhere.

Where did they go, I wanted to be Here before they left, when you think about it, it’s what we’re saying at the next person’s death, at their funeral, where we cry because we weren’t there for them and say I miss you, because we didn’t tell them that when we had the chance, when they were here, I mean everyone have to leave here someday/cross over to get to Nowhere, but that’s not until you die.

So why not be Here right now, when you’re here, what I realized is Nowhere is the place to be, because if you’re Nowhere, you are NOW HERE. Good morning.

Thanks for reading.

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