Day 443: I Got a Lot On My Mind

I-got-a-lot-on-my-mindI got a lot on my mind, what’s really going on, how time fly’s by, since the day I was born, into a world of sin where iniquity is a shape, where what I was taught to be real, ended up being fake.
The side show, to keep me busy, the distractions of fear, the whispering of “sweet nothings” to contort what you hear, the sleight of hand trick, something that I can’t define, no matter how much I tried, I got a lot on my mind.

Have you lost your mind, not yet, are you crazy, I would say yes, because I’m gambling with my life and haven’t even lived yet? Is it that hard to believe that what you see is what you think, is it that hard to conceive that our minds are all linked?

I got a lot on my mind and it’s weighing heavy on my chest, like a thousand pounds of pressure crushing me to death, making it hard for me to breathe, to the point of exhaustion, I should really take a step back and proceed with caution.

The excuses and the blame, all I do is complain that it’s never my fault, I mean you should be ashamed of yourself nobody else, you made me feel this way, you made me feel as if I belong, then took it away, no not you, but me talking to my mind, internal conversations a regular pass time, not to mention the backchat in spite of what you say, despite of what is really making me feel this way, say, say, say what you want, but I think too much, I think it’s about time to STOP and call your bluff, to find a solution to having a lot on my mind, to correct myself and changing in time.

First off the mind is not who I am, but only a wakeup call, it shows what I have become, since I knew how to crawl, so I must accept and embrace everything as me, everything that I have created in my world and reality, then commit to what I will accept and will not accept and allow, starting with self-forgiveness and HERE is how.

So if there’s a lot on your mind, click the link above, to delete what’s on your mind and learn new stuff, a process that should and will be walked by everyone including you and me, so why not start now.

Thanks for reading.

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