Day 441: Compliments

ComplimentsFor what, is the question one should be asking, when one is quick to give a Compliment, I mean what are you really saying, when out of the blue; “I like the way you did this and that or the other”, but… doesn’t constitute a Compliment, “Girl you look good”, because I want you to say the same thing to me, no genuineness, which brings up the starting point of what do you really want, but don’t get me wrong, there is a such thing as a genuine Compliment, given far and few in between, I mean you’ll know it when you see it, such as “I like the way you handled that situation”, one of the few but rarely given Compliments that means something (if it’s what’s best for all), almost everything else is you Complaining to me, but what you Meant to say is, “I still exist at a leave of jealousy, Envy, Spitefulness, which causes me to be angry with you, because I don’t like you and don’t want to tell you that, so instead I’ll say; Hey I like the way you did this and that, to make you feel comfortable, while I devise a plan to put you down at the right time and in front of everyone we know”.

I mean wow, this I have experienced being done toward me, where it’s like the honeymoon period in a relationship, where you meet a friend through a mutual friend and during the time you spend with this friend all he does is give you compliment on everything, the way you dress, the way you look, that way you act, what you buy, what you I have, to the point of you becoming wayyyy comfortable in letting your guard down and thinking; “Hey this guy is really cool and a good friend”, then all of a Sudden, BOOM, things start going downhill, let me explain. Say you guys work together, live together, which in this case we worked together in a Music Recording Studio, where his friends (during the honeymoon period) became my friend, then all of a sudden one day they started looking at me crazy to responding to me crazily, to not responding to me at all, then to top it off our mutual friend who owed the studio came to me saying that I need to get along with this guy (out the blue), now my response was dumfounded, in saying “Huh”, which he then proceeded to tell me, this guy said, I don’t like him and that I was jealous of him and so on and so forth, (in a nutshell) which wasn’t true at all, but the thing is , in looking back at it, it all stemmed from the repeated Compliments I heavily received from this guy in the beginning, which opened my eyes to the true nature of what we have accepted and allowed Compliments to be/become, almost like telling someone “I love you”, with a hidden self-interested meaning behind it, where in the end, you realize it was all a ploy/plot for something else, to get, to have, to obtain for self-interested reasons.

So within this I had to look within myself, at where have I given a Compliment to someone with a hidden reason behind it for doing so and will continue in my next post.

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