Day 435: You Never Know

you-never-knowWhat is assistance and support, most of the times we define assistance and support as something grand and a big thing, help in a major way, the call to duty when called upon, we also believe we only need assistance and support as a last resort and when it comes to assisting and supporting others, we often times feel that we need to be in a “good place” or a “good position” within ourselves to be able to assist and support them effectively, and to have an extensive amount of knowledge about things to be able to help, but as I found, that’s not always the case.

You never know when the little things you do will assist and support others, at the right time, because assistance and support is not always a planned thing, that’s why nine (9) out of ten (10) interventions (as they call it) never really works, but only escalate the situation, because no one likes being put on the spot, I mean we rarely like surprise birthday parties, so imagine having an intervention done to you and calling it assistance and support, AAAAAAANNNNNGGGGGG, not cool.

There’s one things in ask for assistance and support, in which case one realize themselves to be in need of an understanding on a certain matter, self-related or general knowledge on a specific subject, which is cool, right on, but once again you never know when you’ll be faced/placed in a position to be able to assist someone at an unforeseen moment, sort of like being put on the spot, where you see a person that looks like they need your help/need help and all you have to do is to ask; question is will you make yourself be known in that moment, or will you just walk by and let them deal with their own problem, I’m not saying to risk you safety in any life threating or self-compromising situation , but just as a random occurrence.

You never know when it’s your turn to be there for someone. I throughout my life have always felt compassionate towards others, especially the little man, where I hated to see someone being picked on, I mean that would just irk the shit out of me, but I wouldn’t jeopardize my safety for it, only if I saw an outcome that would be best for all parties involved, then I would step in, as one example of me assisting someone, another (and I’m sure we all have done this) is, opening doors or people, telling people they’ve dropped something on the floor, waiting for an estranged pedestrian to cross the street, buying hungry people food and so on, but within these, one has to consider ones starting point for doing so; Are you looking to get something out of it, do you believe in karma, or (for some) are you making a place in Heaven for yourself, in which case, that’s not what you call assistance, that’s self-interest.

So one day I was driving down the street in the middle of traffic and there were kids playing on the sidewalk and their ball had rolled out in the middle of the street, so I put on my hazards and stopped the truck in the middle of the street, got out, got the ball and threw it back over to the kids that was playing, I didn’t think too much of it, it was just normal assistance, (anyone would have probably done the same), but as I pulled off, the dump truck that was behind me came up alongside of me at the light and said, that was cool what you did and you should go play the lottery today, you’ll win something, (along those lines), right then I started to think, wow this is what we believe, that a reward is in order because we did something that should come natural to all of humanity, but is not the case, as another example of assistance, which brings up the control and reward system we was raised with as children, which is another story, but any way;

An interesting thing happen to me the other day that spawned me writing this blog, that showed me that assistance comes in all shapes, sizes and forms, where I was at Starbuck doing something on the computer and when I went to take a restroom break, there was this woman back in the corner waiting for the ladies room, but crying, which sort of startled me at first, and the first thing that came up was to ask her was she ok, so I did, she then look at me and motioned towards me for a hug, so I took a breath and gave the lady a hug, then asked what was wrong, she said thank you and that her good friend had just died, I said oh sorry to hear that, she then said thanks again and walked ion the women’s restroom, I walked in the men’s and finished first and went back to my seat, she then came out looking refreshed and walked out the door and left.

Looking back on it in that moment, I told myself that was cool and I guess what she needed at that moment was just a hug, I then discussed it with my buddy who said, it was cool that you said something, because a lot of time we don’t speak up, but rather walk on by, missing out on the opportunity in the moment to assist someone, which was a good cross reference to see how I am becoming more vocal and less introverted.

This also showed in hindsight how many times I’ve walked right by someone, unaware that I had the Response Ability in that moment to do/say something, that I’ve missed, point is You Never Know when you’ll be faced with a random occurrence as such; question is will you do or say something? And as a side note, if you go looking for it, it’ll never happen, assist and support yourself first and in doing so you’ll be assisting and supporting others.

Learn how to assist and support yourself HERE, because You Never Know.


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