Day 434: Pick It Up

PickitupOh what a mess we’ve made of this Earth, garbage dumps to garbage cans to garbage pail kid, to garages full of junk, a hoarder’s paradise, to things we buy and don’t really need, then throw it away in the street, in hope that no one sees us and the street sweeper comes and clean it up. The smoking of cigarettes and flicking the ash out the window while driving, with the cigarette butt soon to follow, leaving it for the next man to Pick It Up. The “Hawk to Spit”, leaving pieces of ourselves on the concrete, if you missed the trash can, then leave it, because you don’t want others to see you and tell you to pick it up, no that would be out of character, plus you have to get somewhere and the ground is dirty. Don’t let your kid play in the dirt, but the dirt comes from the Earth and the Earth is nasty not dirty, that’s a given.

Oh what a mess we’ve made, to demolish a society and leave the rubble on the ground, drinking water from rivers of blood, with human lives scatter on display for all the world to see as the extreme, cremating an individual and throw the ashes in the sea, with no one there to Pick It Up.

Clean Cities excrete and sweep their waste under the rugs of the rest of the world, garbage dumps full of kids in search for a living and a bite to eat, your trash is my living room furniture, with no place to sleep because I sleep on the streets, before you dump me, I’ll pick it up and throw it away.

What goes under school desk, stays there for a life time for class after class, student after student, showing what they picked up from their parents, living in a “pig sty” by choice, because we just have too much stuff and a maid to yell at to Pick It Up for us. Clean up your room at least, and before you flush the toilet, wipe the toilet seat, (As my dad was always there to remind me) or get beat.

Just walk around the trash, because you don’t want to get your shoes dirty, and take your shoe off when you come in the house, then go to the bathroom and don’t wash your hand and come out and shake my hand, then give me a hug, what’s that smell, no one is going to Pick It Up, because we all have done this at least once in our life, leaving the dishes in the sink after a meal, instead of rinsing the food out, it’s not my turn to do the dishes, let’s make a schedule and see who’ll forget, then who come to Pick It Up? The Ant’s, the Roaches and Bugs to lend you a helping hand, but no that’s disgusting, I’ll rather call the Exterminator, who should spray you in the face for not picking up after yourself.

Dead dogs, possums, squirrels and cats, ran over and left in the street as a snack for flies, who’s going to Pick It Up? Not me, let’s call the city or police, this should fall under their job description, if it was your dog or cat would you care less or more, or just go to the pet store and by another life. The cycle repeats itself, where no one wants to just Pick It Up.

Yes, this would be a bit hypocritical if I didn’t do the same, I mean it took me a while but I got over the shame and started to Just Pick It Up, but that doesn’t make me any better than you, you have the same Response Ability as me to Pick It Up to, for me honestly if I cross it’s path, then I’ll Pick It Up and put it in the trash, and it doesn’t matter if someone is around or not, I mean as an instinct, I’ve stopped my truck in the middle of the street and picked up a possum, who I though was dead, but was probably playing possum looking back on it, because there was no blood and when I drove past about ten (10) minute earlier it wasn’t there, so there you have it, I Picked It Up.

If everyone in the world would at least just picked up the small things we come across, like the little pieces of paper, napkins or cigarette butts you see on the ground, then this world would be a cleaner place in no time, but it starts with you at home, Picking up after yourself.

Don’t be ashamed, Pick It Up, then maybe the next person who sees you do it, will do the same, and Pick It Up.



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