Day 433: We The People

We-the-peoplePeople come in all shapes forms, races, colors (if you want to call it that) creeds, with belief systems of all types, you say tomato, I say tom-a-to, the cup is half full, the cup is have empty, however we want to look at one another, we are People, we are the same, with different Ideas and perceptions, (so we think), we have an assumptive nature, assuming separation, assuming you to be different from me, you stay on your side of the tracks and I’ll stay on mine, but if we so happen to meet in the middle, we’re bound to disagree, not get alone, because I’m too blind to see you as me, matter of fact, I’ve never seen your type before, I’ve been too caught up in my own world, living in a one-sided reality with my own kind.

Question is, do we really SEE each other, or do we just see murmuring shadow and figurines walking by? People are intriguing, interesting, where we can sit next to each other for hours on end and never say a damn word to one another but excuse me, if I bump into you. Our first words of response, when someone addresses us is “I’m sorry”, the acceptance of offense when stuck in one’s own world, in one’s own minds, but just in case it’s interesting, we welcome the conversation, but don’t want others to see that, we’re stepping outside the box by talking to you (Society doesn’t approve), so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

People, we make the whole world into a library, where it should be silence at all time or else I’m telling the authority that you’re disturbing the peace, my piece of mind, my little world outside this world, in my head, while in this world, because I can’t even think. People we’re not allowed to express ourselves, unless we’re of the same kind, but if we’re not, something is drastically wrong with them and the only way we can make it right is to get rid of them, “Go think on your own time, not around my mind”.

People talk about people, indeed we talk about ourselves, not in the face of one another, but with those we’re closest to, “but wait a minute, I was just close to you and you didn’t say a word’, get my drift?

We the people live separate lives and tell separate lies about how we despise this or that person, without knowing each other, it’s only fun when you’re introduced to someone new, I mean they must be cool because you said so, I love it, a like Mind, a like kin (kind of individual I like being around), someone New that could suit my self-interest.

The things we the people do, the things we the people say, the things we the people think, the things we the people believe in, comes from the people that has gone before us, telling us this is the way to deal with people and for so long it hasn’t worked, but only gotten worse, one life after another lost, because we the people are too afraid to look at ourselves in the mirror. If some says, the eyes are the window to the souls, then what do you see when looking in the mirror through the eye of another person? PE-OPLE, let me explain;

When sounding the word PE-OPLE you hear the words PEEP-HOLE, where in looking through the peep holes in our eye, we see the reflection of ourselves through the eyes of another, but since their expression looks different, we believe ourselves to be as well, in which case we don’t accept what we see as being who we are, creating the terminology; “Don’t let your eyes play trick on you”, then say I’m seeing the difference with my own eyes. That’s you, He’s you, She’s you, they’re all you, I’m you and vice versa, as one, We the people will stand together as one, once we remove the blinders that gives us cataracts, blurry vision, that we can’t see that we’re abusing one other in every moment of interaction.

Love thy fellow man, Love thy neighbor as thyself, treat others as you would like to be treated, or else you’re harming you. We the people are the cause of, the problem AND the solution to what we have accepted and allowed in this world, to its Resolve. It’s time to take Self-Responsibility for our actions in separation of ourselves towards ourselves and all other life on this planet. People we’re all Earthlings Here. Investigate yourself and who you are as everything around you.

Thanks for reading.


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