Day 427: Human Rage

cHuman-RageThe anxiety that’s builds when nothing is said, the long conversation that’s had in one’s head, I’ve been holding this in for way too long and now the urge is becoming way too strong. The tightening of chest constricted and encaged, at an unforeseen moment struck by Human Rage.

What urks a man is the festering thoughts brewing in his mind, after suppressing the anger from a past time, we feel incline to exploit our naturistic aggression, through slandering words or physical obsessions and as the possession grows stronger we reach the final trap, called the boiling point where it’s too late to turn back, as if we’re forced out of our withes to launch an attack, to no fault of the situation at hand in fact, a well devised plan with no holes or cracks, orchestrated by the mind SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS, who have you designed yourself to be, I am Human Rage disguised as the devil in me.

How is it that we let words hurt us more than sticks and stones, let our minds eat through our flesh down to our bones, to where it seems that our sovereign Self never had a chance, to stop ourselves from lashing out at our fellow man? Yes, we can, but in the moment we’re blinded by the light, with our eyes blood shot red and looking for a fight, I have to release this aggression from inside of me somehow, what better place to do it than here and now, while stuck in traffic or walking down the street, waiting for the next person to bump into me, excuse you and then it all began, now I’m faced with an escalating situation at hand, when all I had to do was to just walk away, but instead I find myself in a heated debate.

Talk is cheap but gossip is worth much more, because we let it sink in deep down to our inner core, a raging fire that won’t go out, I mean we believe every word that’s coming out of their mouth, then we sit on this information and let it fester for days, as a melatonin cocktail of Human Rage.

At home with our families is like a stomping ground for rage, when the parents are not looking some fight throughout the day, like an all-out brawl inside of a cage and this can go on for days and days. We get it from our parents from listening through the walls, as they argue back and forth; “It’s your fault”, no one is willing to take responsibility and any case, but when we’re all out in public, we try and save face.

Human Rage leads to bullying, where we’re not able to cope, with the problems that we face, where some end up on dope, for most this leads to an unproductive life, to an unproductive world filled with vengeance and strife. We spite each other until we feel that we’re right, unable to look at each other in the eye, why Oh’ why does it have to be this way, better yet how do we stop this Human Rage?

The simplest way to put it is to learn about you, to learn what constitutes the things that you do. Investigate what is it really that makes you mad, investigate what is it really that makes you sad, then ask yourself how do I stop these reactions and do they truly give me satisfaction? What will happen if I don’t react at all, will I learn how to stand or continue to fall?

It’s the questioning of oneself, that how you stop Human Rage, that’s how you go to the next chapter in life by turning the page, and closing all doors that leads to your past, to live life HERE in peace at last. And doing what’s best for all life.

You see Human Rage is you, and in order to stop it you must Change you, Learn how HERE.


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